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Выполняю любые работы по английскому языку:

*Копирайтинг SEO

*Написание статей

*Контрольные работы


Tomsk, National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia. 2008 - 2013
* Region Studies (Korean Peninsula) with knowledge of English and
Korean language
Tomsk, National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia. 2010 – 2013
* Written and oral translation (English/ Russian, Russian/English)

Work Experience

Communication Academy Community. Egypt, Cairo January 2017 – Present
Teacher of English and Russian language
* Organize placement test for English learners and divide them into levels
* Teach English to students of different levels, including grammar,
conversation, vocabulary, British&American accents, American slang
* Give the Russian course to students, who are going to travel to Russia
and Ukraine to study
* Private English&Russian classes
* Organize English speaking club and English phone speaking club

Rottweiler life organization, http://www.rottweilerlife.com/ December 2015– August 2016
Edited and wrote articles on dogs related topics (in particular,Rottweilers, dog
diseases, features of breeding, etc.)

Dogs Town, http://dogsaddict.com/ December 2015 – August 2016
Edited and wrote articles on dogs related topics (in particular, dog care, breeds, behavior& training)
Raya Holding. Egypt, Cairo. November 2013 – January 2017
Account advisor, HTC Russia, HTC UK
* Assisted customers with their queries and problems by phone, chat and e- mail
* Developed personal organization and multitasking skills in a fast pace environment
* Provided additional assistance for HTC UK project, when requested (handle complaints, reorder HTC products, E-commerce)
* Assisted HTC German Trainees during their test calls, logging to the system,
provide technical support and information about company process
* Made work schedule for all team members and count their sick leaves, not covered absence, AL and OFF balance
* Assisted RTM department and made AHT daily report for all team members to increase their performance

MusclesPro, http://www.musclespro.com/ September 2013 – September 2014
Edited and wrote articles on sport related topics (in particular, weight loss, bodybuilding, workouts, supplements, etc.)

Traineeship, AIESEC. Egypt, Cairo. July 2013
English teacher in nursery
Taught English language, provided different educational activities for kids

Traineeship, AIESEC. Ukraine, Odessa, Language school. May – June 2013
English teacher and translator
Taught English language to university students, organized speaking clubs weekly

UNV Online Volunteering Service. November 2010 – December 2013
Translator (Engl/Rus,Rus/Engl)
Translated articles on different topics (in particular, environment, healthcare, animal shelters, law enforcement)



Napa Valley vacations packages

English English

Технические параметры текста Объем 1500-2000 знаков БЕЗ пробелов, не меньше, но и не больше. Текст разбит на абзацы с информативными заголовками.
Уникальность на Advego не менее 95/95. Шингл слов 4
Запрещается заменять в словах отдельные буквы на латинские или оставлять в тексте опечатки, орфографические ошибки в целях повышения уникальности текста.

Стиль написания Разговорный, без официоза

Ключи napa valley vacations
napa valley vacation packages
napa valley wine vacation packages
vacation in napa valley


Properties in England

English English

- Each article must contain 4 paragraphs with 3-5 sentences.

- Each article should be about 300-400 words, 2 000 characters without spaces.

- Each article has a title.

- Each paragraph has a subtitle. A total of 4 subtitles.

- Each subtitle should be in "Heating 2" style in MS Word.

- The 1stsubtitle should NOT start directly with the keyword.

- The keyword in the first paragraph must be thickened (Bold).

- The keyword should contain in the title, paragraph 1,subtitle 1 and subtitle 2.

- The synonym should contain in the subtitle 3 and 4.

- The article should end with a link to our site, always in the last sentence.


construction cleaning Spokane

English English

Новая (положительная) статья на сайт (НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ) в раздел (новости/статьи), объемом 2000 символов (без пробелов) с внедрением ключевой фразы.
Ключевая фраза должна находится в «средине первого и последнего абзаца».
Тип статьи: просто новостная статья по теме ключевой фразы.
Ключевая фраза: construction cleaning Spokane
2000 символов, без пробелов
Требуемая уникальность: 93 - 98%


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