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I'm a programmer, with skills in PHP, JS and MySQL.

I have an experience in the creation of efficient a php code (sites, libraries, frameworks) and database design. I am learning programming languages HTML/CSS, JS, PHP, SQL to create and improve web applications. I have 4+ years of a practice (I don't know everything, I'm just open for a new).

I work with a next aspects of the web development: PSR, PHP7 (OOP, PCRE, PDO/mysqli), patterns, security (xss/html injections, csrf, back-door, etc.), performance, API. And I like the frontend development, I work with HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, AngularJS.

I like new technologies. Because I have deep understanding of PHP, a learning new related web technologies like a new php framework or a php library never take many time. In my free time I like to develop my own websites engines or libraries.

Technologies appear constantly, therefore always need a time to grow. Therefore a best work, is a work with opportunity to grow.

Fee. For Ukrainian based companies (exclude goverment, financial, mining and large IT companies) it starts from $10/h (exceptions for less or bigger cost is possible). In most cases I do not work on projects with budget less than $300. For West based Companies my rating starts from $30/h .

What I do not:
- I do NEVER any practical tasks to verify my professional level. If You want to check my knowledge, You can make an interview or a test with questions/answers (max on 20 min), or if You wish, I can offer examples of a real code of my last projects;
- I don't work with creative tasks, like a creating of a new sorting algorithm, "logical" tasks ( which, really, very same to new microprocessor architecture ), etc;
- I do not work remote without a 100% prepaid, if I work with You at first time.



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