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Russia Saint-Petersburg, Russia
1 month 16 days ago
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  • Illustration
  • Adode Photoshop
  • vector graphics
  • cartoon
  • 2d artist
  • blender3D
  • Adode Illustrator


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I am a 2d artist and illustrator with more than 5 years of experience in different CGI prjects like game dev and commercial illustration.

Since that time I have been worked with a number of big companies (>100 employees) and indie game studios as well. I can easily improve existing art or develop it from scratch. I am working in a casual and cartoon stiles and one of my strongest skills is a character painting.

What can I do for you:

- improve and develop characters

- environment

- props

- game assets

- UX/UI for games

- marketing creatives

The tools I use:

- Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

- Blender 3D

Every day I am working hard under my skills in order to produce better results and to make customers happy.



3 000 ₽2D Персонаж "Себастьян"

Illustrations and drawings


2 500 ₽2D Персонаж "Тигренок"

Illustrations and drawings


3 000 ₽2D Иллюстрация Дени

Illustrations and drawings



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Картинки для Игры
10 000
Дизайн, объекты, персонажи для мобильной игры
15 000
Придумать и нарисовать креативного персонажа для онлайн-сервиса
1 500
Графическая иллюстрация для игр
20 000
Илюстрации. Нарисовать 3 мультяшных героя для упаковки
2 500