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Russia Vladivostok, Russia
3 months 18 days ago
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I have background experience working in a Korean environment for three years, which means I obtain such important skills as ability to listen to the word of authority, follow the rules and coordination strictly. I started to gain knowledge and work experience at the university. I have gained plenty of experiences and communication skills, while working in several positions, dealing with documentations and serving as liaison between administration office and students.

I have been a very active student, participating in all events organized by SolBridge. Starting as a camp leader and performing in peer group leadership programs to working as a student council associate. I provided services to students and guided them throughout the semester. I have interned at the writing center for one semester and gained useful knowledge writing documents correctly and with high proficiency. I was a club president of “Twenty magazine” at the university, where my responsibilities included being a leader by managing the work process to depict students’ moments for the school magazine. In addition, I participated in vast majority of start-ups, training workshops and English language competitions provided by SolBridge, gained experience and won prizes.

I decided to major in marketing, while gaining leadership and management expertise doing part-time job at SolBridge. The majority of my work has included organization and communication skills, motivating students, and performing as a reliable source of loyalty to the administration. From being a freshman student to well-experienced and educated senior allowed me the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge about the university and myself as well. My work experience helps me to see the real work process in a large organization.

My background experience in management and education in marketing help me to understand the concept of working and quickly learn the ways to improve the internal process. What I have learned so far is I can remain calm in stressful situations, be a good listener and effective leader when a crisis occurs. I have a great opportunity to help any organization to prosper internally and externally based on the skills I possess. Throughout my work experience, I have stayed in the position of residence assistant for two years. My responsibilities included to manage the dormitory, interact with hundreds of students and my supervisor in both Korean and English languages, not mentioning my native language, Russian.



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