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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
3 months 22 days ago
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  • html
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Freelancer Григорий В. — Ukraine, Kyiv. Specialization — JavaScript, HTML/CSS


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Confident Middle Web Developer.

I worked with many projects of varying degrees of complexity. Legacy code is not a problem for me (but I would not like to do this in the future).

Quickly get into the spirit of the core in the project, simultaneously studying the specifics of the business. There is an experience in the development of the recruiting platform, HoReCa. Fulfilled government orders as part of a remote team, developed a social network, and of course - online stores, landings.

The main technology stack:

React (I don’t use Redux but worked with it, recently, I am using Context API now)



Vue / vuex


Worked with all css preprocessors, many libraries for common flow.

Implemented a full-fledged PWA with offline mode

Have experience successfully writing servers on Node.js / MongoDB / Express and Hapi.js

Also, there is a successful experience with React-Native (Expo)

Connected payment systems: wayforpay, liqpay, stripe, PayPal and toyibpay.

Additionally worked and studied:


Php / wordpress.

Angular 8

For me, the quality of the product at the final point is very important, so I pay special attention to making informed decisions.

The highest priority is the use of new technologies, the ability to improve, take responsibility for their actions, make decisions.

Naturally, I want to work in pleasure.

Therefore, a very important point is quality management (ideally, a self-organized and confident team of good developers who love their job). The concept of good management includes competent timing control, setting deadlines as far as possible (coordination with the team), high-quality planning, which will allow you to master the Sprint without straining.

I am interested in teams (projects) for interesting, fruitful and long-term cooperation.

If our interests coincide - let's talk and make cool projects.




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