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Logo design
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Я опытный дизайнер. Имею 12-летний опыт работы. Занимаюсь графическим и веб-дизайном. Во время работы собираю информацию, выслушиваю мнения официальных лиц компании, разбираюсь в предпочтениях. 

Скиллы: Вес навыки графического дизайнера «сеньор» и UI/UX. Делаю иллюстрации диджитал и на бумаге.

Долго работал фрилансером для многих стран, включая Европу.
Передавал уроки графического дизайна. 

Я работал дизайнером с такими крупными компаниями, как Coca Cola, JTI, Philip Morris International, UNDP, Fine Cars of Armenia, Globbing, Almayass, The First Ferry / Dubai, Dvin Music Hall и многими менее известными компаниями. 

Думаю, я могу использовать здесь свой опыт и знания  создавая развитие интересных идеи.




Macro Production

Logo design


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Logo design

Public Swimming Pool 2021

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1 200 $Learning and Work

Web design

Our aim is to apply design knowledge to our research to improve building integrity, quality, and sustainability while preserving cultural heritage.

We teach innovative building techniques that will allow local craftsmen to advance construction in developing areas.

Our goal is simple: apply design to native building techniques, teach locals how to implement these design principles, then change the course of the construction in rural developing countries.

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1 500 $Mobile Banking

Mobile apps design

Customization allows users to adjust your app’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to their needs. By letting users choose the font size and icon placement they prefer, you provide users with an opportunity to interact with your app in the most convenient way.

Chase Bank created an app that users can easily customize. More than that, users can change the arrangement of interface elements, adding their most used features to the main screen and hiding less useful features in menus.

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Interface design


A travel website is a website that is dedicated to travel. The site may be focused on travel reviews, trip fares, or a combination of both. Over 1.5 billion people book travel per year, 70% of which is done online.
It works minimally very conveniently. Application based on a not very active color base.

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Coca-Cola Magic

Mobile apps design

One of my favorite project that I have in my practice. While doing this I worked on design and targeting. About this project I will say that this campaign considerably increased Coca-Cola brand perception among local population evoking positive emotions and triggered intense sharing among the users via word-of-mouth. We have worked with Coca Cola team in Caucasus

Downloads 80 000+/ in a month
1/4 of Smartphone users in Armenia

Teaser video views on Youtube: 100,000+

TOP NEW FREE on Google Play

Top#1 in all categories on AppStore

Target audience coverage: 1 250 000+
1/2 of Armenia population

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Anelik Bank

Mobile apps design

The project meaning is making people life easier. Bank at your fingertips.

Simple and convenient UI/UX design for Anelik Bank mobile banking app. All long project I worked on design, analytics, project presentation and worked with development.

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Mobile apps design

Concerning to this project I will for sure say that I participated on all aspects of this project. Starting from analysis to design and project presentation. During the process I have worked with the developers. Speaking a little about it I can say that this is a custom-branded mobile app which takes the player through challenging levels of WinFreedom game powered by Winston brand.

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Web design

Via this project my responsibilities connected to Coordinating. Collecting information in the market, making analysis, and implementing that in our project. Of course, design is an inseparable role in my work. I have worked with designers, development team members, and product managers in case to make the decision a complete body. Speaking about the aim, design, and decision I can say that we tried to create the fastest, most reliable, and most human shopping experience.
Everybody should have access to all the awesome products that exist today, regardless of the place they are sold at. We have developed a brand identity and web design for a peer-to-peer shipping service based in Paris to make the online shopping experience even more customized.

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Presentation development

The central figure for Ameria Bank's Annual Report design is "KAMAR" business center, the new location for the Bank's head office. "KAMAR" is a fusion of century-old heritage and modern facilities, a bridge between past and present, an intersection of passed roads and new horizons. Being inspired by the main entrance stained glass windows, we intermingled together with the monochrome photo style with semi-transparent color filters for the inner page layout. The tree of life decorates the title page of the Report as a symbol of life and progress.

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Sweetberg Bakery

Corporate style

What do you think of when it comes to sweet delights? Sweetberg created a cozy corner in the city, and the branding for this delicious pastry shop was entrusted to us. Within the framework of this project, we made the highlights on the branding colors. A stylish combination of dark chocolate and turquoise colors adds an elegant touch to the floral patterns of the interior. The logo design is inspired by the typical French bakery-style elements with its ornamental line art solutions.

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Kolba Lab

Corporate style

Kolba Lab is dedicated to building a future positive Armenia. The main figure of our logo is a flying fish who despite its sophistication always strive for excellence and transcends boundaries. Thus we are. Our team cannot predict the future but we strive for the unreachable to create the bright future we want to see.

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Нарек качественно и в срок справился с поставленной задачей, будем работать дальше. Рекомендуем!


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