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Freelancer Natalie S. — Ukraine, Lvov. Specialization — Copywriting, Text translation


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My name is Natalie.

Sounds like a set of standard phrases for self-representation.

However, in fact, since everything tends to form of the ball, cutting off rough and not perfect parties, not this everything is as simple as it may seem to be.

Thus, for your understanding of what kind of dough I am formed and how my work will help you, I’ll better tell about myself.

More concretely a la in all prescriptions, using to successfully preparing a CV (and as it is written in books, sold in the underground passages, with the typical headlines "How to find a job quickly and efficiently").

So, quite recently, just a month ago, I defended my diploma and became a certified specialist in the field of philology, namely, an English translator and a teacher of the same language (to not be an unsubstantiated).

That is why, I am looking for a job, in which I could show and develop my writing talent. Maybe, it sounds a bit self-confident, but I know for sure, that I have it.

Hence, I am looking for a job of the author of articles and texts, translator, or an editor:

  • with flexible work schedule. Clarification: I have the main work, which must be combine with writing.
  • with decent salary.
  • in which I could show my writing talent.
  • which will allow me constant developing and personal growth.
  • where I will be appreciated as a good and responsible employee.

In these few paragraphs I have written, you can check my knowledge of the language and grammar.

I will continue.

My parents wanted a good, infinitely kind and intelligent child, whom I was meant to become. Certain features of my character clearly indicate that it developed in the process of life in society. Nevertheless, I am an introvert, and I think this is wonderful.

Also, I have received a second master’s degree in biochemistry.

Two higher educations in Ivan Franko National University of Lviv allowed me to expand the horizons of knowledge and acquire many new useful skills.

An important period in my life was searching for myself and, accordingly, for work.

I was managed to work as a copywriter, rewriter and author of articles in the young Ukrainian team that collaborated with Americans. They developed websites. I wrote content. The topics revealed in my texts were in the fields of medicine, building and tourism. In addition, in my arsenal there are several sales texts about real estate abroad. The only problem is that my labor is not available to me.

Therefore, if we return to the issue of finding a job, I assure the employer that I can make the text interesting and completely non-trivial. I could also sell a pen, even if I write a small advertising article about it. I hope, that the magic ink of this pen will help me find a kind and generous employer who will appreciate my talent. 

For my part, I guarantee:

  • writing texts in HTML 4.1., using CSS,
  • the ability of writing articles on various topics and in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English,
  • literacy approach to writing articles,
  • high-quality implementation of tasks,
  • exact observance of deadlines. 

In my pocket there is another important trump card - I draw and develop any kind of graphic material, draw pictures, take pictures. Logos, posters and photo editing are not alien to me. Also, good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CC18, Lightroom, as well as software related to painting.

I am ready to take the orders and supply my future employer with high-quality graphic content.

Well, as the Great Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov said: "Brevity is the sister of talent." I want to finish my CV with a screenshot from the “”.

I hope, I did not scare you, my future employers, with my specific CV. Waiting for a letter or a call from you with the following content: "We liked you and we are ready to hire you."



Написание статьи в газету "Наш Киев"

Article writing

Афиша выходных: куда пойти в Киеве 21-23 июня

Наталья Собчук

Хмельные напитки и мексиканская кухня, микс современности и античности Японии, уникальные вещички, альтернативный рок, музыка под жасминами, летние вечеринки и шампанское под джаз на крыше, короткометражки, марш равенства, пробег для воспитания силы духа, танцы, мечи фехтование, огонь – только незабываемые события этих выходных!

Beermaster Day

Когда: 21-22 июня, 15:00, 11:00
Где: ВДНГ, проспект Академика Глушкова, 1
Сколько: от 300 грн

Beermaster Day пройдет в Киеве в четвертый раз. Около 300 сортов крафтового пива из 12 стран и 60 пивоварен ― гарантируем, что солодовый вкус не оставит равнодушным ни одного ценителя хмельного напитка. Впервые на фестивале будет работать Gin Room, где гостей угостят джином и коктейлями. А еще будут мастер-классы, дегустации и живое общение с известными пивоварами! Такое вот погружение в пивную культуру и атмосферу драйва.


Написание статьи в газету "Наш Киев"

Article writing

Афиша выходных: куда пойти в Киеве 14-17 июня

Много выходных и еще больше мероприятий.
Наташа Собчук

Открытие нового гастробара на Оболони, выставка цветов на Певческом поле, рэп-концерт Alyona Alyona, фестиваль электронной музыки OSTROV, концерт The Chemical Brothers, фестиваль «Белые Ночи», много котиков и собачек из приюта ― чем заняться в Киеве в этот длиииинный уикенд.

Rebra&Kotlety. Большое открытие на Оболони

Когда: 14-16 июня, 19:00
Где: проспект Героев Сталинграда, 4, корпус 9
Сколько: бесплатно

Этот необычный стрит-фуд бар создали двое молодых предпринимателей и, по совместительству, друзей. Главная фишка заведения ― знаменитая котлета по-киевски со всевозможными начинками и в каких угодно вариациях. Здесь можно есть котлеты и огромные сочные ребра, наслаждаясь видом на Днепр. Или отдыхать на Набережной, оставляя детей с няней в большой детской комнате, и пить авторские коктейли за бетонной барной стойкой. Организаторы обещают шампанское, розыгрыш сертификатов на безлимитный ужин для двоих, мороженое и воздушные шары для малышей. А еще много-много фотографий с этого вкусного ивента.


Summer Camp Brochure Template

Article writing

Everyone knows that summer for children is a favourite season of the year. It is not surprising, because of the warm weather and a sea of possibilities open up a completely different fantasy world of adventure! This article is for those who want to be inspired while creating a positive, vivid design for children's camping!
Summer Camp Brochure Template
Choose an adaptive summer camp brochure template. After all, any type of layout is important. For example, in the case of placing text material in columns, pay attention to how flexible it is in the layouts. Funny fonts are ideal for readers' enthusiasm. You can take off the footers and substitute them with a background photo with pagination. This way of design will add informativeness and clarity to your brochure.



Article writing

The functional and interesting catering brochure design will make effective advertising, successful business in a short period. Having created a book with a detailed story about your company, you will attract numerous potential buyers. A quality modern design will allow you to make the best culinary suggestions.

There are universal templates that can be suitable not only for advertising services but also for culinary and gastronomic purposes. By creating such brochures you advertise an institution. For instance, develop several main page variations and the next ones with beautifully and carefully decorated sections. In addition, it’s important to review the future brochure for catering demo version. Make a convenient download of an order form from booklet pages. To wonderfully present a menu, use two types of views: the first as a list, second — as a grid. The user himself at any time can choose which option he likes. To attract attention, the best catering brochure template feature is an animation effect. Remember how did Harry Potter read newspapers with moving images! Pages with descriptions and dishes' photographs look no less elegant. They must be made so that the reader doesn’t remain indifferent. A potential customer should be interested in what he will see on the following pages. Sets of nice icons definitely appeal to readers. Also, place a news column in your leaflet. So you will keep visitors informed of all service updates, new reports, and suggestions. Such thematic articles add good indexing in search engines.


Best Vacation Brochure Templates.

Article writing

Beautiful, professionally executed brochures is a stimulus to plunge customers into exotic places. After all, it is impossible missing exciting adventures in the desired country! In this article, we will talk about making an interesting brochure that will awaken people to dream and then visit described sights.
Best Vacation Brochure
Find in our guide the best brochure vacation ideas!
Choose with all responsibility the colour composition of your vacation brochure template. Remember that every kind of recreation, whether it is winter skiing, walking in Naples or beaches in Cyprus, should have its own colour tone. Choose the correct colouration based on seasonality. After all, you must convey the main message to your client: his rest will surely be relaxing, energetic or exciting. In order to transmit relaxation with spa treatments, massages, pools and cosy hotels, use soft yellow, brown. The same earthy colours you can use to describe historical sights. They will give the pages an antique look.
For each block highlighted in the brochure, use the same shades. If you make it different, they will look messy and dispel the reader's attention.
Complete it with frames, stars, and patterns. Although you should never distract attention too much from the content. There are several ways that can help you tell a potential client your story.


Best Real Estate Brochure Templates

Article writing

The modern real estate market is the main link for making good money. But it's advertising makes a business profitable. Nowadays, a company can only exist using high-quality ad and beautiful printed products. Learn about an important element of promotion – brochures!
Professional Real Estate Brochure Templates
Take into account market customers' preferences. Potential investment transactions are divided into two categories: with ordinary private and “portfolio” investors. The first class are citizens buying one apartment at a time. Mostly they are interested in the most liquid one-room apartments. Demanding for them remains stable both in the case of further resale, renting. The second group is attributed to buyers purchasing from three or four to several dozen flats in one complex. This allows them expecting a discount of 20–30%. As a rule, townsmen are familiar with developers, confident in their reliability, because they trust him a lot of savings. Sometimes, service and construction material providers receive payment, not in cash but apartments. Legal entities having available funds, apartments' resale is a non-core business. The investment transactions share in the primary market began rapidly growing. Sharp national currency devaluation, banking system collapse was the reason for this phenomenon. That is why in hard times people massively removed their savings from deposit accounts, investing them in real estate. This trend didn't go unnoticed by developers, who increased housing construction volume. It significantly expanded the choice of objects.


Презентация для одного из этапов туннеля продаж

Social media advertising

Эта презентация, расчитанная на определенную ЦА: женщин в возрасте 30-35 лет, является одним из этапов туннеля продаж.


Best Food Festival Flyer Designs. Food Festival

Article writing

At the street meal festivals there are also special atmosphere, which everyone will appreciate. Here parents rest, because kids have playing area. Couples fall in love again for kiss points. Large groups of friends find bigger table, sit on poufs enjoying cocktails, tell sapid stories. Look below at the most amazing food and drink festival flyers which you may download.
Flyer Templates
Inspiration can be drawn from everywhere. Particularly entertaining are European fairs, jamboree, which contribute to friends meeting. After all, intimate conversations at eating trucks, coffee in paper cups bring romance to event.


Best Medical Brochure Templates. Medical Brochure

Article writing

Consider the medical institution brochures, which include all the latest design technologies and trends. They aren’t only beautiful but also reliable solutions for any successful entrepreneur. The adaptability of these templates will help potential customers quickly and without spending time to find all the necessary info, as well as sign up for a consultation.
The Best Medical Brochure Templates
While working with people, it's important to trust you. Therefore, customers have an opportunity to contact directly. This feature is provided by the templates below. They easily customize the site, fill with the needful content for several hours of intensive work.
Large and clear top titles will look great on any device, i.q. as in printed form. After all, this format is adaptive. Contact details can be highlighted directly on the main page. Then potential customers won't miss them. Please note that the submitted templates are licensed. Such templates are equipped with everything you want to freely create a template. Edit the medical information brochure by yourself at your discretion, forget about difficulties in programs' work. Thanks to these constructs there's provide a clinic's schedule. Describe attending physicians and their qualifications in the column “Our Team”, fill in with specialists photos during work. A small gallery will help make exciting services and skills presentation, elegant pages medical brochure design will show customers all the new promotions and offers.


Create a Travel Brochure

Article writing

The brochure today is not only advertising but also a modern form of communication, a sign of friendship, an expression of sympathy in modern society, where there is no time for visits. They are downloaded with the subsequent purchase of a tour. After all, this is one of the few products that contain a high level of profitability.
Create a Travel Brochure
What is a travel brochure? The brochures' creators can be safely called the directors of human emotions. The brochures can reflect a whole palette of feelings and traditions, cause a smile from the buyers of your tours. Each book is charged with its own positive energy. Today's market is very diverse, but most often travel brochures are divided into thematic and general. Thematic - these are those that can be sold all year round, seasonal. They are meant to tell about a particular trip. General brochures do not have a theme. More precisely, they describe the company services as a whole and provide brief information about the tours. There is another type of travel agency brochures- image, the production of which is an excellent niche for the development of small business.
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you remember about happy journeys, oceans and seas, mountains and deserts, forests, where a man’s foot has never stepped? Beautiful photos and interesting stories about the most unusual corners of the globe. Coming to a travel agency, your potential buyer is looking for some new and beautiful place to visit. Considering a brochure with great photos, good stories and convenient design, the client will definitely choose something. Travel offers can be very different. Buying plane tickets or bargains, unforgettable Instagram-places with enchanting sunsets and sunrises, hiking in the mountains with backpacks, vacations at the sea... Advertise the journey as an exciting


Best Science Brochure Template

Article writing

The ideal concept and unique advertising design will impress any reader. The printed brochures have long gone out of fashion and commercial on television and on the Internet work better. But if the design of your science brochure is really impressive, then it will bring you profit.
Best Science Brochure Template
We would like to return to the origins of web design, namely, printed products. The brochures are an old, classic way of presenting information about a company and products in order to attract the general public attention. The life science brochure is a key component of a marketing company. The brochure looks like a small book that contains information about products and services. Beautiful and high-quality brochure design can create a positive image for your company, as well as share useful information. The health science brochure should clarify the most important points of your business, show potential customers all the benefits of your products and call for purchases. We are glad to present to your attention a collection of delightful printed brochure designs collected on the Internet. This collection clearly demonstrates the impact of web design on print design in science. It contains headers, well-designed typography and gaps.


Best Restaurant Brochure Templates. Restaurant Bro

Article writing

Restaurants are no longer the place where people gather only for celebrations. Now they have become a site where you can comfortably hold short business meetings, lunch after a hard working day, or evening gatherings with friends. Quality advertising is important so that the client comes to you and becomes a regular guest of your establishment.
Creative Restaurant Brochure Templates
A brochure is an indispensable tool for print advertising. The small volume and concentration of basic information have become a means of mass promotion of any company services. But, unlike a booklet or flyer, the brochure contains a large amount of useful info.
International marketing practice shows that the effectiveness of such a little book does not always depend on the number of pages or the volume of written text. After all, from 5 to 48 pages are allowed. Before you begin to design, think about the booklet format, the size and fastening pages method (fasted with thread or paper clips, screw wire or in any other way).


Best Wedding Brochure Templates. Wedding Brochure

Article writing

Advertising services of wedding agencies consists not only of banners and flyers. Launch unique brochures with a bright design and all the necessary organizational information. This step will interest your customers. In this article, we will look at the best options for wedding brochures.
The Best Wedding Brochure Templates
While creating a brochure, present the services in the best possible light. After all, they will help to create an atmospheric fantastically beautiful wedding. The development of any promotional products begins with the wedding brochure template and planning concept creation. For example, if your customers want to do a wedding celebration on some amazing island. There the sand and the ocean waves merge into a passionate kiss… Advertise the ceremony as a ritual sanctified by love itself. Say that this day is unique and inimitable, that it is impossible to return time back and rewind the tape. Therefore, your company is the market leader in providing such services. After all, only you have a professional team of designers, florists, restaurateurs, sommeliers and chefs ready to get down to business. And only they can do their work with high quality. These people are able to give you the perfect wedding of your dreams. All wishes will be realized, even if they live in your thoughts. Approximately this text should carry the content of your wedding ceremony brochure. Then you can convince a potential customer to purchase your services. Next, pay attention to the reader that you appreciate this important moment in the life of your client. Therefore, they can trust you completely. After all, you take your work very seriously. Choosing only proven platforms, contractors and partners,


Best Pizza Flyer Designs. Pizza Flyer Templates

Article writing

Pizza Flyer Templates
The pizza flyer templates are one of the basic tools for product promotion, which allow you to highlight the main advantages and attract the buyer’s attention. Sales could be increased through using the advertising leaflets. It does not matter how they will be distributed: indoors, on the streets, in department stores, in mailboxes or by promoters' handing out it personally. The best pizza flyer design should be bright, attractive and with indicate accurately the goods, that participate in the action.
You can create a pizza poster design by yourself or with designer service and then order printing. This pizza promotional flyer examples will allow you to get the original product, saving time and efforts in searching for designers and companies, that make it.
A great deal depends on the pizza flyer design. If the proposed broadsheet is boring and uninteresting, it will be difficult for the buyer to grasp the offer essence. However, you should not go over the framework with pictures either, otherwise the sense of important information will be lost. It is necessary to find a middle ground to interest the client by advertising.
Pizza is well-known all over the world, and it is not surprising that, wherever you are, you will find a pizzeria, regardless of your location. There are many places offering pizza, which means a lot of competition. Having a website to present your own restaurant can be the most sensible decision you can make.


Best Music Flyer Designs. Music Flyer Templates

Article writing

The flyer has been used in the advertising for decades. It still remains popular and regularly uses as a promotion product by a thousand companies around the world. People daily contact with templates, so your advantage must stand out among others. We have tried summarizing an experience of doing successful advertising leaflets with reliable to inspire you.

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