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Position: Engineer designer hinged ventilated facades and translucent fencing constructions.

2018.04 till 2018.08 PrAT Open Society Open Society "Atlant"

Position: Master in general construction work

- Ensures execution of construction and installation work in accordance with the work drawings, project organization of work, production plan and regulatory documents.

- Controls compliance with the technological sequence of production and ensures the proper quality of work

2016-2018 - I work for myself.

- Negotiating with the customer;

- Collection of load on the construction;

- Selection of foundation type, calculation and design of foundations.

- Development of drawings of the brand SK of stage Р on low-rise private residential and non-residential buildings.

- Development of drawings of the brand KD stage R on low-rise private residential and non-residential buildings.

- Development of drawings of the brand KM KMD.

- Supervision and control of the project (from the development of the soil to the delivery of the structural parts of the house "boxes")

- designing and assembling of buildings from metal constructions;

- Construction of low-rise residential buildings, electrical (380V, 220V) water supply and drainage.



Вітражні системи навісні вентельовані фасади

Architectural design


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Спроектировать ограждающую конструкцию - фасадное остекление
15 000 ₴
Конструкторский проект частного дома и расчет сметы
5000 ₴
Разработка конструктива для готового эскизного проекта каркасного дома
25 000 ₴
Autocad draft from pdf building plants scanning [long time job]
250 ₴
Выполнить проект павильона (архитектурная часть и конструктив)
30 000 ₴
Проектирование, расчет подпорной стенки с комплектом документов
5000 ₴
Нужен инженер-конструктор для проекта частного дома
40 000 ₴
Проект вентилируемого фасада
5000 ₴
Инженер металлоконструкций на постоянной основе
50 000 ₴
Розділи проекту (конструкції КМ, КЖ)
35 000 ₴