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3D modeling and visualization
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Java Developer

Dmitriy Lyashenko

location:  Kiev, Ukraine

phone:      093-704-26-74, 095-812-57-80

e-mail    [email protected]

skype:      dmitriy.lyashenko.java

linkedin:  http://bit.ly/2n9rOWv

git-hub:    https://github.com/Solykk

                GOOD KNOWLEDGE OF

JavaSE (Core, OOP, Collections, JDBC)

JavaEE (Servlet, JSP, JSTL)

DB: Oracle

Test: JUnit, Mokito

VCS: Git

IDE: IntellijIDEA

OS: Windows

Spring (IoC), Hibernate

Maven, Tomcat


                BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF

Spring (Data, Boot, JDBCTamplate)





IDE: Eclipse


                Java Developer Training in “Juja” on the online site juja.com.ua 11.2016 - until now

                Java Developer Courses in computer training center “It - center”, certificate of successfully completed the course Java OOP and JavaEE 08.2015 - 05.2016 (8 months)

                Donetsk national technical university, Department of Economics and Management,

Enterprise management, Diploma of a specialist. 09.2006 - 07.2010 (3 years 10 months)

                Donetsk national technical university, Department of Computer Information Technologies, Control and automation systems, Unfinished. 09.2004 - 07.2006 (1 year 10 months)


                SqlCMD project (console client for working with the database OracleDB) https://github.com/Solykk/SqlCMD

                I developed this application using a technical task. At first,  it was decomposed and written User Storys.

Maven and Git were used to build and store the project.

                The application structure was built on the basis of the MVC pattern,  using Java Core,  OOP,  Collections,  JDBC,

Command pattern and SOLID principles. As a database, it was decided to use Oracle DB.

                I made an Expandable Application by defining several basic interfaces, after implementation of which it became able to use any database. A mini-framework was written for Table View.  Using Junit tests, integration tests, I covered more than 90% of the code with tests.

                To ensure that my code was clean, Code Review and Refactoring were periodically conducted. To export the project, I used the Apache Maven Assembly Plugin. During the export process, the problem with the incompatibility of the encoding was solved.

                SqlWEB project (WEB - application for working with database OracleDB) https://github.com/Solykk/SqlWEB

                I developed this project, based on the previous one. The old code was converted to a Web- application. Now Control element is represented by a Servlet, and the view as a JSP (using HTML and JSTL). The application is launched using the servlet container Apache Tomcat.

                SqlWEB is a configurable application owing to the Spring Framework IoC. To solve some problems with injections, the Factory pattern was applied.

                BTC project (skeleton of a single-page Web-application for an online store (Pet projec))

                To implement a single-page application, I decided to use AngularJS. JSON was used for data storage.

HTML + CSS was used for page veiw.

                Implementation of tasks of developers (Within the framework of the course It-Center” and “Juja”)

                During the entire training process, I performed tasks of varying complexity. Such as: work with algorithms, multithreading, Java I/O,  OOP, Collections, Servlets, JDBC, Spring, Hibernate, AJAX, HTML, CSS, SQL, design patterns, JavaFX, GIT, Maven, Tomcat, XML, etc.

                Notification Service (framework for sending notifications to users inside the Juja - platform)

                This task is in the process of development. Above it I work not alone, but together with the team. At this stage, we build the architecture of the application. At the meetings we define the main application interfaces, the interaction between the system components, the cooperation with external requests, the technologies that will be used.


                English - intermediate, Russian - native, Ukrainian - native



3D-визуализация предметов мебели для компании

3D modeling and visualization 3D modeling and visualization

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3D-визуализация предметов мебели для компании

3D modeling and visualization 3D modeling and visualization

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3D-визуализация предметов мебели для компании

3D modeling and visualization 3D modeling and visualization

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3D-визуализация предметов мебели для компании

3D modeling and visualization 3D modeling and visualization

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