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Ukraine Poltava, Ukraine
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  • java
  • Android
  • iOS
  • android developer
  • swift
  • разработка под ios
  • Mobile development


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Moiseiev Volodymyr

IOS Developer



I’m developing mobile applications for iOS 4+ years.

During this time, I managed to participate in many interesting projects and

Gained experience in various fields of development.

I am able to work in a team and an understanding of modern project management techniques.

There is a team lead experience. I have all the necessary knowledge for the successful development of mobile applications for iOS.


  • Swift, XCode
  • SOLID, OOP, Design Patterns
  • ARC, GCD, Autolayout
  • UIKit, Core Data, CoreBluetooth, AVFoundation, CALayer
  • Cocoapods (Realm, Alamofire, GoogleMaps…)
  • JSON, RestAPI
  • Crashlitics
  • Git
  • ItunesConnect, in-app purchases
  • Sketch


  • «Oioni» 

Estonian project that helps people find and book a service in hairdressing and beauty salons. Now the application is at the testing stage and will soon be published in the AppStore.


I participate in the project as the only iOS developer and have been writing the project from the beginning.

  • «пРРОсто»

Pilot project for registration of settlement transactions.

The application is available only for testing, distributed through TestFly.

More information about the project:

Articles about the project:

  • «Заберу» 

The application that allows bakeries, cafes and restaurants to sell ready-made meals and drinks at a discount to avoid delays in the future.

Two applications developed (client application and manager application)

Now the application is at the testing stage and will soon be published in the AppStore.


I participate in the project as a team leader and iOS developer

  • «Pick & Go»

The application for the chain of grocery hypermarkets “Velmart” and “Velika Kishenya”.

Allows you to shop without cash desks.

Link to the AppStore -

Co-founder of a monobank about our product:

Short video how it works

  • «Кабинет жителя»

The application allows the owner of an apartment in a residential building to access the resident’s personal account provided by the management company.

Link to the AppStore -

Website: https://кабинет-жителя.рф

  • «MetTrecker» 

The customer of this application was a German doctor who developed a technique for cancer prevention.

An application to track user activities that can reduce the risk of cancer or relapse.

Link to the AppStore -

  • «Faces» 

The application that makes up a psychological portrait based on a user's photo. This application was in the Top 4 AppStore, in the photo-video section. The application used sophisticated facial recognition technology. Also a small social network.

Link to the AppStore -



2900 $Pick&go

Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Приложение для Украинских продуктовых сетей "Велмарт" и "Велика кишеня". Позволяющее делать покупки самостоятельно без контактов с кассирами.

2500 $CicloApp

Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Приложение для специализированного вело трекера HAC 1.2. Служит для синхронизации между телефоном и треккером по BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Основные функции: обновление прошивки на треккере, хранение информации о поездках, управление интерфейсом треккера и тд.

800 $MetTracker

Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Приложение для профилактики раковых заболеваний. Заказчик - немецкий врач, автор даной методики. Приложение позволяет трекать свои активности и вести более активный образ жизни.

3000 $Faces

Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Соц сеть, в которой используется распознавание лиц, по которому можно получить характеристику личности, а также найти наиболее совместимых людей.

1300 $Сканер документов и переводчик

Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Приложение которое умеет распознавать края документа, текст в этом документе. Также имеется встроенный переводчик


Reviews and compliments on completed projects 2

6 May 2019 4000 ₴
IOS приложение


Работа выполнена на самом высоком уровне, оперативно исправлены найденные баги)
Очень благодарна буду обращаться еще)

Анна Asol | Personal

9 April 2019 4000 ₴
Ищу IOS developer


Работа выполнена качественно и в срок.
Даже лучше чем требовалось)
В ходе работы было найдено идеальное решение поставленной задачи)

Работой осталась довольна.
Обязательно буду обращаться еще!
Рекомендую к сотрудничеству)


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