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Высшее, в 2012 году закончил Полоцкий государственный университет, г. Новополоцк, по специальности Программное обеспечение информационных технологий

Знание языков Белорусский — родной, Английский — читаю профессиональную литературу, Русский — свободно владею

Обо мне

Работаю с PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, C, администрирование ОС Linux, Windows, разработка сайтов и приложений на CMS Drupal 7, WordPress, OpenCart, Joomla 2.5 - 3.0, webix framework

Есть опыт работы со стеком технологий: NodeJS, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Webpack, Redux, React.js, MongoDB, Bootstrap, CommonJS, npm, git, underscore.js.

I am friendly, self-motivated and hardworking person. My experience in software of development is around 4 years. From 2013 till 2015 I had been working for IT company which engaged development web-sites.

I have joined EPAM in 2015. My primary skill is UX Development. During my careering in EPAM I took part in two projects. From the first weeks I was involved in to the first one as JS developer. It was a SPA based on AngularJS. The stack of this project was pretty wide. We had been used such frontend technologies as:

AJAX, Webpack, SASS, Bootstrap, Node.js, npm, git, jade, underscore.

For building project I have used Webpack. It also helps me to include plugins which were implemented in different JS modules specifications (AMD and CommonJS). I have used Bootstrap for implementing grids and layouts for desktop and mobile devices. Underscore library helped me to work more productively with data structures (arrays, objects,…).

Also, During the development circle I was dealing with modules, controllers, directives, services, routers and CSS preprocessors. Generally I was focused on module named advanced search and I had implemented complex search functionality which was depending on lots of query parameters.

My next project was based on Backbone.js. The stack included: Bootstrap, JQuery, underscore, git, npm, Node.js, Webpack. The app is a video library. I had implemented common API for building application’s an modules hierarchy. This API allows to load modules dynamically. Also I created events driving system for managing view layer instances. I faced with issue was in loading nested modules in the correct sequence. The solution was in using events model. Also I created modules for outputting videos: common list and details video.

One time I faced with memory leaks issue. The solution was in correct way of views removing and unsubscribing from unused events.

 At this stage, I deep into with the basic principles of this library React.js. I created on example application. For navigating in application I have use react-router. I am planning to study Redux and design application based on it.



30000 ₽Программа учета для service-labs.ru


Система учета рабочего дня сервисных центров по ремонту техники apple.
Ведется учет запчастей, продаж запчастей, выручка и расходы центров.

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Реализовано на Drupal 7, к сайту приложена программа учета запчастей, и контроль работы сотрудников по адресу

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Drupal 7

Website development Website development

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Верстка на bootstrap


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Дизайн и натяжка на Joomla 2.5

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