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Full Stack Developer

Information technology professional capable of performing technology projects from 

concept to completion with remarkable deadline sensitivity. Strong analytical skills 

combined with experience in programming techniques. Good team player through 

complete project cycles, testing, and final implementation. 


Master’s engineering degree in Applied Mathematics;

Department of Applied Mathematics, National University of Chernivtsi 2011-2017.


Full Stack Developer at  HYPERLINK ""VF&Soft Inc;

January 2017 - Present (2 years 2 months);

Full Stack developer experienced with Java, Hibernate, Angular.js (1.x), Angular(2-6) and Redux. Work with Google Maps and Openlayers API. Write maintainable, scalable, responsive, and cross-browser code. Engineering web-services development and integration;

Java Developer at InventorSoft;

August 2015 – December 2016 (1 years 5 months);

Java Developer experienced with Spring Framework, Hibernate, Quartz, HtmlUnit and Selenium. During that period finished several projects using REST architecture, worked with JQuery, Angular, Thymeleaf.

PHP Developer at Catalyst DEV LLC;

December 2014 - July 2015 (7 month);

Develop and support components (themes and plugins) for Wordpress CMS and Joomla! CMS using PHP and JavaScript


CMS: Wordpress, Joomla!


Frameworks: Slim Framework;

Technologies: JSON, XML, Yaml;

JavaScript (Backend): 

Node.js, Serverless


Frameworks: Spring Framework, Hibernate, Lombok, HtmlUnit, Selenium, Android;

Technologies: AJAX, JSON, XML, Redux;

JavaScript (Frontend): 

Frameworks: AngularJS (1.x), Angular (2-6), React.js jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap 3, Angular Material;

Technologies: AJAX, JSON, XML, Redux;

Databases: MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle;

HTML/CSS: xHTML, HTML5, CSS2/3, Thymeleaf;

Applications/Web Servers: LAMP, Tomcat, Node.js;

      WebServices: SOAP, REST;

API: Facebook, LinkedIn, Mapbox, Openlayers V3, V4;

Version control systems: Subversion, Git;

Platforms: Linux, MS Windows 9x/2K/XP/7,8,10; MacOS X;

IDE: Eclipse, NetBeans, PhpStorm; IntelliJ Idea, Visual Studio, Qt

Methodologies: Scrum, Kanban.

Examples of work:


Land management software for resource-based exploration projects, features consistent management oversight of property value creation, regulatory compliance, permit requirements, automated workflows, geospatial integration for optimized decision making, financial commitments and stakeholder relations;

Experience: Java 8, Gradle, Angular 1.x, OpenStreetMap, Oracle Database


Since 1981 homeowners have relied on Bruin Corporation’s expertise and experience updating their most valuable assets – their homes.

Experience: Angular 2+, Node.js, AWS Lambda (Serverless)


FairwayIQ is a technology solution that monitors your moving assets and gives insight to all your golf course operations and maintenance needs - turning every golf course into a SMART course.

Experience: Java 8, Gradle, Angular 1.x, Angular 2+, Mapbox, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Node.js


Our team came together with a clear mission to help 10,000 Small Business Rank Online. BeRanked builds digital marketing strategies that massively impact small business.

Experience: Java 8, Gradle, jQuery, Thymeleaf



Java Java



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