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Private entrepreneur
Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
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1 year ago
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age 23 years
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  • Javascript
  • java
  • jquery
  • swift
  • разработка под ios
  • разработка под android
  • API Integration
  • React Native
  • gulp/sass
  • React.js / Redux / Redux-Saga
Freelancer DENYS D. — Ukraine, Dnepr. Specialization — Apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Apps for Android


Apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
49 place out of 347
Apps for Android
99 place out of 859
Overall ranking 1
  6425 place out of 259106

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Work expirience:

Web developer, Site Administrator;
Company: Goida;
Dec 2016 - Aug 2017;


- development of website;

- promotion of website in advertising company of the enterprise; 

- updated catalogs of the website;

- improved the engine of the website;

- administration of the website;

- fixing of errors.

Tech stack: HTML, CSS, PHP, JS;

CMS: Wordpress;


Mobile App Developer, Frontend Developer;
Company: Spline Studio;
Aug 2018 - Present;


- mobile app's development(Android + IOS);

- development of website products ( front + functionality + admin);

- fixing of errors;

Tech stack: HTML(+ Jade), Css(+ SCSS, + bootstrap);


JS(Angular 1.0,Angular 4+,React,React Native(Android + IOS), Vue(Nuxt));


Working with API;



Fridn(Android+IOS developer, React Native(ios + android)) -

Fridn(frontend developer(in work),React) -

Windows Calculator(frontend developer, Angular 2.0) -

Montajniki(Android+IOS developer, React Native) -

Stanki site( frontend developer, angular 4 +) - in work


JavaScript (1 y) - I have experience in creating games and applications for websites, creating advanced animations for webpages, experience in optimizing memory. 

C# (0,5 y) - Сreating a software product in Unity with С#, experience in optimizing the product and optimizing memory, experience of writing AI for games. 

Unity (0,5 y) - expirience of making a software product like PC games. All stages of game development in Unity, starting with scripts and creating prefabs-dummies for tests, and ending with tying 3D models, surroundings and sounds.

HTML+CSS (Bootstrap,SASS) (1 y) - changing the UI+design untill I have best result, I know how to make an adaptive website design and change webpage for different devices;

PHP (Wordpress)(0,5 y) - experience setting up and modifying the WordPress templates, installing plugins and changing them. The experience of memory recovery.

SQL - tied the WordPress theme to SQL.

Java - know the basics of this language, have experience in solving problems using this tool.

Strong knowledge of OOP.

I have the basic expirience of programming patterns.

English - Intermediate (I can easily navigate through technical documentation).


Computer Science (Bahelor) in PSACEA(Dnipro)
Sep 2014 - Jun 2018


I'm fond of programming, video games and history. I like to learn something new and improve myself. I love to set a goal and achieve it, while overcoming many difficulties.



Mobile development

Outsourcing & consulting



2000 $TrainChat

Apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

TrainChat helps to bring people together so you can easily find a group for travelling by train cheaper

  4  0

2000 $eForce Esports

Apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

eForce App - it's your entry point to esport world, follow your favorite teams and players. Live events and more

  4  0

1000 $Nalog

Apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Подсчет и помощь с налогами в Нидерландах (для русскоязычных)

  3  0

1000 $HotlineFinance

Apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Сравнение и онлайн-оформление страховок, депозитов, кредитов и кредитных карт

  4  0

4000 $One Tight Punch

Apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

100% Coldpress Juice on demand

  3  0

15 000 ₴Steco Montaj (mobile developer)


  29  0

15 000 ₴Fridn( Frontend developer)

Web programming

Tech stacks:
#html #Sass/SCSS #react.js #redux.js #Wordpress #api #git #trello

  18  0

27 000 ₴Fridn( Android & IOS developer)


  32  0

15 000 ₴Windows Calculator(frontend developer)


Tech stacks:
#html #Sass/SCSS #AngulaJS #Gulp #api #git #trello

  12  0

15 000 ₴Goida (frontend developer)

Web programming

- development of website;
- promotion of website in advertising company of the enterprise;
- updated catalogs of the website;
- improved the engine of the website;
- administration of the website;
- fixing of errors.

Tech stack: #html, #css , #php , #javascript ;
CMS: #Wordpress ;

  7  0

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Доработка мобильного приложения Personal project

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Доработка мобильного приложения Personal project
Frontend React Native developer
28 000
Программа для штрих кодов товаров с синхронизацией с гугл таблицей
11 111
Приложение по доставке из супермаркета, React Native - only.
111 111
Создание мобильного приложения (Android/iOS)
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Дизайн для iOS приложения
Аналог пиложений под iOS и Android Tinder
Мобильное приложение под Android и IOS
Приложение AR дополнительная реальность
150 000
Прилржение iOS Android
150 000