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SEO Expert
Дарья haven't been to the service for a long time. But Freelancehunt also employs 1503 freelancers in the category Search engine optimization, who will professionally and on time complete a project of any complexity.

Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
1 year ago
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 SEO Expert

Search engine optimization & promotion for Google UA, RU, COM, PL, EU & Yandex UA, RU; 

As Team Lead:
- Project management
- Strategic planning
- Executive management
- Marketing strategy
- Product marketing
- Creating department
- Training company staff
- Team Building
- Staff recruitment

As Digital Marketing Expert:
- Identifying and segmenting a target audience of company/brand;
- Preparing a psychological profile of a client: discovering values, concerns and criteria for decision-making on purchase;
- Composing empathy map for every profile;
- Describing brand’s philosophy;
- Competitors analysis;
- Development of brand/company positioning strategies;
- Defining the emotional component of company/brand;
- Brainstorming and developing ideas for creative marketing campaigns;

As Head of SEO department:
- Managing the team of seo-specialits, copywriters;
- Collaboration with web-developers;
- Giving tasks to programmers and copyrighters

As Senior SEO Specialist:
- Development of site structure;
- Performing on and off page technical SEO audits;
- Competitors analysis;

As Middle SEO Specialist:
- Moving sites to the top of Google, Yandex search results;
- On-page optimization;
- Using web analytics;
- Composing the semantic core of the site and defining relevant pages;
- Work with blog networks;
- Building anchor lists and effective link strategies;
- Monitoring SEO indicators of project and analysis of implemented improvements efficiency;
- Working on several projects at the same time;
- Taking part in development of automated systems for search optimization


  • Аудит сайта  20$
  • Внутренняя оптимизация от 200$
  • Продвижение от 400$
  • Создание веб-ресурса (оговаривается)



  • PHP


  • HTML and CSS
  • Marketing research
  • Online stores and e-commerce


  • Contextual advertising
    from 4000₴ per project
  • Search engine optimization
    from 7000₴ per project


700 ₴Аудит

Search engine optimization


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