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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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Freelancer Karo N. — Ukraine, Kyiv. Specialization — Website development, Website maintenance


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My name is Karo and I`m a head of full-service development agency DEWZILLA.

Dewzilla is a full-service web design and development company. We strive to provide creative website development solutions by delivering flexibility and creativity applied from initial stages of development process. Having developed into a top provider of website development services, we put priority on upholding customer values by delivering deeply personalized approach to development process.



Site for news

Website development

When users search for the latest news, they
do not need some tiresome distractions like bright beaming colors, extra columns, banners. People
just need to stay tuned with the digital world.
As a rule, the phrase "digital world" is associated
with coolness and minimalism. To organize
it properly we used white and shades of blue
and straight lines.


info site

Website development

Company is a leading provider of trading platforms for Forex
and CFD brokers with full turn-key solutions all over the world. The company appeared on the market in 2013 and, since then, has been successfully operating in the industry. Solutions offered by Company are CRM, web trading terminal, academy
of education, and client area. Trading platforms are available both on PC and in mobile version with 24/7 access.


Site for news

Website development

There are a lot of global news websites. They are all different
and talk about various topics. In our case, our news website should highlight the most relevant events, revelations, ideas that appear
in the fields of Finance, Real Estate, Cryptocurrency, Stock Market, and Technology. The design of the website should be according
to the topics. We have chosen minimalism of newspapers.


Site for real estate

Website development

The multifunctional complex located in the well-developed district in the megapolis Kyiv.
The main idea of the project is to create a residential and business center of the city within one complex.

The Dewzilla team highlights the valuable characteristics of the project, creates the design concept, and adapts it to the client.

The project distinguishes with high-quality and realistic graphics, modern 3D visualization technologies, and a unique calculator widget.

3D illustrations, volumetric icons, text information on the project created by us are placed in such a way that the user can quickly find the information he needs while receiving aesthetic pleasure from visiting the site.

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