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Personal information:

Name: Diana Peleh

Email: [email protected]



2013-2017   Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University, Zhytomyr

                     Majoring in teaching English language and literature (Bachelor degree)

  • Foreign language skills: 

  • English (fluent);
  • Spanish (intermediate);
  • German (intermediate);
  • French (elementary);
  • Ukrainian (native);
  • Russian (fluent).

  • Teaching skills: have critical thinking, organized, patient, teach in groups.

February, 2016 – June, 2016   Intel Training certificate of intermediate computer user  

PC Skills: MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher), WINDOWS XP


April, 2017 – September, 2017  Copywriter at SeoProfy


- research work;

- copywriting;

- rewriting;

- data organization;

- Seo optimization.

February, 2017 – March, 2017   Internship, School №27, Zhytomyr


Teacher of English and Foreign Literature

  • Working with children aged 11-12
  • Presentation skills
  • Time management
  • Evaluating the pupil’s progress
  • Developing communicative skills with children
  • Constructive feedback
  • Conflict resolution
  • Stress resistance skills
  • June, 2016   Summer Camp, School №27, Zhytomyr
  • Teacher at the Summer Camp
  • Conducting games
  • Developing communicative skills with children
  • Working with children aged 6-8
  • Motivation of children
  • Teaching individuals and groups
  • October, 2013 – June, 2015   Spanish Course, Educational And Research Institute Of Foreign Philology, Zhytomyr

Special course of learning Spanish

  • Communicate with children
  • Conducting games


2013 – 2017   Scholarship, Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University, Zhytomyr


  • Reading
  • Learning languages
  • Photography
  • Yoga
  • Music



180 ₴Site selection with licensed software

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No more need to worry about virus attacks from downloaded software. Select the desired program, read the requirements to it and use it safely. Click here for more!
Today the security of the property is in the first place. This applies to our gadgets. Our time is difficult to imagine without modernization processes, including the emergence of computer technology in our lives. Each of us has already become an integral part of scientific inventions, which undoubtedly simplify the activity of people.


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Traveling is an integral part of our lives. Every day we dream of at least a few days of rest outside our own city or country. The life of society is organized in such a way that the working days occupy the largest period of time than the weekend. Therefore, people are usually beginning to plan their journey a few months before the scheduled date.
Today the pricing policy of the tourism business is constantly growing. The planned budget is a priority for a good rest. But this does not always bring satisfaction. It is a natural for person to save, even if he has enough money.
Nowadays there is the easiest variant for saving budget – travel credit cards with a bonus program of the cash back. This is a program implemented by credit card companies where a percentage of the spent amount of money is returned to the cardholder. Many of the creditors launch such kind of programs in order to promote the usage of a card in which the cardholder saves his scores for the choice of certain services.


200 ₴Create your own business

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Do you have a favorite hobby, a lot of ingenious ideas, but you do not know how to bring them to reality? Do not worry about it. Now this is as easy as ABC!
Each of us throughout our lives has at least one brilliant idea for a business that is unique and may have changed the look of mankind for certain things. But starting a business is no longer so easy. Without money, a person will not have a way to develop his interest. As a consequence of this, the desire of people fades away, thus humiliating their moral state, becoming unhappy in their lives.
The same happened with me and I’d like to share it with you in this article. I was an unsurpassed cook, who wanted to achieve further developing, to create something new, luxury of products. Into the bargain, I was fascinated by various experiments with expensive products, thereby creating unrivaled deluxe dishes. But as always, the main problem was money. Without the ability to lend, I began searching for earnings on the Internet.


180 ₴Choosing a site with computer software

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After the last download of the program your computer broke down? Virus deleted all data? The small tips how not to get caught in the trap again! Each of us has an access to the Internet. Consequently, every person encounters such a problem where to download some special programs on a computer. Therefore, we faced with such problems as virus infection of the computer through a downloaded program, incomplete version of any programs, or difficulties with the updating. All this leads to inhibition of the work of your gadgets and in future its failure.



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