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Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
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  • landing page
  • front-end developer
  • webflow
  • Zapier
  • tilda
  • UI/UX Design
  • figma/webflow
Freelancer Дмитро Б. — Ukraine, Odessa. Specialization — HTML/CSS, Web design


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Web design
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For 8 years I have worked with more than +100 projects from small companies to large players. 

I have extensive experience in creating design solutions: Fintech services and applications, POS systems for sales, Mobile applications, Gambling (real money), Social casino, Internet shops. I use various methods and patterns that were obtained by the Nielsen Norman Group, to solve specific problems, both for user experience and for interfaces.

Foundation Design Skills & Disciplines

Interaction & UI Design, Visual Design, UX Design, Attention to Detail, Prototyping, Design Tools, Design Principles, Illustration or Icon Design, Motion Design or Animation, 3d illustration and Interaction.

Technical & Additional Knowledge

User research & User Testing, Conceptual & System Thinking, Web Familiarity, Middle Tech Acumen (HTML,CSS and JS), Mobile Familiarity, Design Systems or Style Guide, Information Architecture, Basic Tech Acumen (React, Wordpress, Ruby, Node, React native, Kotlin, Flatter, .Net, etc) 

Personality & Professional Traits

Collaboration, Communication & Articulation, Customer Focus, Work Standards, Efficiency, Problem solving, Self Management or Self Starter, Driving Innovation. 

Leadership & Teamwork

Decision Making, Strategic Planning, Planning & Organizing, Coaching & Developing Others, Facilitation (Group Decisions and Meetings)


Outsourcing & consulting


29 000 ₴Alteration agency

Website development

Создания сайта для дизайн агенства "Alteration"

  4  1

3 000 ₴Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Modular 170

Interface design

Создания концепта главной страницы лендинга Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Modular 170

  6  1

10 000 ₴Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Modular 170

Website development

Разработка лендинга для Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Modular 170

  3  1

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Рискнули и не пожалели. Клиент - Global Spirits. Дмитрий проявил доп.инициативу и креатив для одного из наших брендов. Стильный дизайн, попал в наши ожидания.


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Редизайн страницы
На основе прототипа сделать дизайн
8 000
Дизайн лендинга в Figma
3 000
Дизайнер для сайтов - оплата почасово
Дизайн дополнительных страниц сайта на основе главной
2 998
Дизайн интернет-магазина
5 000
Дизайн новых элементов для статьи-обзора
4 000
Сделать дизайн CS:GO проекта
13 000
Редизайн сайта на Tilda
1 800
Верстка сайта на Фигме с разными фичами. Нужен хороший специалист.
10 000