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I am a professional translator with more than 3 years of experience. I offer high quality and on-time translation from/to Russian, English and Tajik languages. I am fluent in all these languages. I have cooperated with the international organisations (UNDP, GIZ etc) as well as private companies from France, Pakistan, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Korea and etc. 

I am also a good writer of scientific papers. I offer writing of a thesis, article, books, presentations, analytic books and etc. I provide customers unique texts and reports. 

I am the member of the local NGO which conducts social researches on different social, economic and political issues. So I can conduct researches and come back with a comprehensive reports on the issues you are interested in. 

I am experienced recruiter, conducting market overviews, interviews etc. I worked as a HR Manager for a long period. And I have very good sense of working with the employees. 

I am proficient in computer technologies, also in using other social media and email marketing, with the good knowledge of analytical tools.



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