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Curriculum Vitae



Ihor L. Hrachov

DOB: 23/02/1971

Citezenship: Ukraine

Cell. Phone:+380669159963,

e-mail: [email protected],

1986-1988 – Kyiv Suvorov Military School (distinguished graduator, honored with the gold medal)

1988-1992 – Kyiv Higher Combined Arms Military School, Intelligence faculty course (distinguished graduator, honored with the gold medal)

1990- practice as a troop leader in Special Forces (+ paratroop qualification),  Belorussian Military District

1992 – Commissioned as lieutenant (Long range reconnaissance patrol leader, military interpreter (English). Also got civil higher education – Engineer in tracked and wheeled vehicles.

1992-1993 – military service in the units of the National Guards of Ukraine

         Started as a reconnaissance troop leader (29 men). During that time participated in the deployment of the Ukrainian National Guards on the border with Moldova (during the Transdnisteria events). The troop under my command had successfully performed the missions as a reconnaissance patrols along the border in order to prevent the infiltration of the armed groups from the territory of Transdnisteria.

         In 1993 had been promoted to the position of the company commander (120 men). Was responsible for the constant combat rediness of the unit, organizing and performing the combat training, coordination and control.


         Combat and military skills that were achieved:

Paratroop qualification;

Military interpreter (English);

Command experience;

Team experience;

Experience to work under any conditions of time, weather or terrain;

1993 – 2000 – operative positions in the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), “K” Directorate (corruption & organized crime)

         Started as an operative with the responsibility to procure the information of the possible corruption misdemeanors in the State Establishment, Ministry of Interior and the General Prosecutors office.

1999 – had been promoted to the rank of major ahead of schedule and appointed to the position of the deputy chief of section for the achievements in activities;

Skills that had been achieved at that time:

Operative experience;

Procurement and development of the initial information;

Analyzing the data;

Recruitment and handling the sources;

Preparation of the evidence for future criminal investigation;

Initial law experience;

Team experience (other that was in the Army);

Counter- corruption activities and operations;

2000 – 2004 Main Intelligence Directorate  of the SSU

         – Deputy Chief (since 2001 - Chief) of the Internal Security Division

The unit (strength of 40 operative officers) that led by me provided the counterintelligence activities amongst the operatives and personnel of the Directorate. Also the security support to the current operations, provided by the other units.

         For the achievements in the operative activities had been promoted to the Chief of the Division in one year only.

Skills that had been achieved at that time:

Counterintelligence experience;

HUMINT and analysis experience in intelligence;

Special training in Intelligence;

Different team experience;

The conducting security of operational activities in intelligence;

Overseas missions experience;

2004- 2011 Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (at that time became independent Agency from the SSU Directorate), operative & command positions in the Department of antiterrorist HUMINT activities & Middle East Developments

2005 – 2009 – First Secretary (security officer) of the Embassy of Ukraine to the Lebanese Republic.


That position had have wide responsibilities:

The assessment of the possible threats to the Embassy and it`s personnel;

Taking measures to eliminate that threats;

The architect and introduction of the system of the physical protection of the Embassy;

Intelligence (recruitment and handling of the sources according to the mission assigned);

Counterintelligence amongst the Embassy`s stuff and environment;

Liaison to the local Security Agencies, Police and State Military Establishment;

Liaison and coordination of the security measures with the other Embassies;

Diplomatic responsibilities in accordance with the position of the First Secretary;

During the “Second Lebanese War” (July-August 2006) had been planning and implementing the evacuation of the citizens of Ukraine that happened to be in the war zone. More than 1400 people were successfully evacuated.

The results of that long-term mission abroad was awarded with the Personal Citation of the President of Ukraine.

Skills that had been achieved at that time:

Diplomatic experience

HUMINT practical experience

2009-2011 -  Deputy Chief of the Department of  HUMINT in antiterrorist activities & Middle East Developments of the Foreign Intelligence Service.

Got experience in planning and conducting the joint operations with the foreign partner Agencies.

Since 01.12.2011 – resigned

06.05.2012 – present Director for Planning and Development (Ukrainian Branch) “Premium Construction” W.L.L. (Doha, State of  Qatar, tel. (+974)4427322, 4428322,4427323, Managing Partner – Mr. Nasri Al-Saady)

Special training in the SSU Academy:

1994 – counterintelligence course (5 months)

2002 – intelligence & diplomatic security course (5 months)

Instructors qualification;


Small arms handling  instructor (1990)

IFV-1,2 drive instructor (1992)

Surveillance instructor (2000)

Civil education:

1998- 2001 – National Academy of the Security Service of Ukraine, Master’s degree in law

Rank: Colonel (ret.)

Missions abroad:

2005-2009 – Security officer of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Lebanese Republic (Beirut), also Liaison officer to the Lebanese State Military Establishment, Law Enforcement & Security agencies

Short-term missions: Germany, Uzbekistan, Israel, Chekh Republic, Bulgaria, Syria, Kazakhstan, Libya

Languages: English (fluent) , Ukrainian (native speaker), Russian (native speaker), Arabic (rudimental spoken Lebanese)

Personal qualities: creative, disciplined, responsible, advanced manager and organizer, diligent.


Hobbies: shooting, hunting, tourism, military scale modeling



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