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Experienced in High-load Web Applications, REST API and mobile development.

Software Engineer and DevOps with a history of good programming skills, progressive leadership and project management, including gathering requirements, developing user cases and delivering key initiatives. Excellent ability to align teams and drive collaboration and cohesion to complete projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. Offer functional and technical expertise in the implementation and development of MVC architecture based programming languages. Extensive experience working with senior management to solve complex business problems through implementation of new technologies. Strong understanding of diverse business intelligence methodologies to improve workflow, productivity and reliability. Dedicated, responsible and detail-oriented with a valuable combination of analytical and creative abilities to improve processes and productivity. An excellent team player with strong interpersonal communication skills.

Earlier worked on the development of a high-loaded software bundle of the cryptocurrency exchange as a system administrator and main backend developer. I was engaged in the deployment of crypto-currency nodes, their configuration and integration with the program code. Have created smart-contracts on Solidity (Ethereum). Worked with APIs of huge list of cryptocurrency nodes, well experienced in integration them in projects.


4+ years of experience in PHP with strong theoretical knowledge of language capabilities (implementation of abstract data types, code execution stages, memory allocation, difference in PHP versions). Good practical background in Java (3 years), Swift (2 years), C++ (5 years), Python (1 year). Good understanding of Object-oriented and Functional programming paradigms. More than 2 years of experience working as DevOps (Ubuntu, CentOS).

I have a deep understanding of PHP, cloud computing, project management, applications architecture and vast experience in developing and supporting the Web Applications developed on PHP & PHP Frameworks. Expert level programming skills in PHP, WebSocket Servers, JavaScript. Experience in use of source code management system like SVN and GIT. On pervious jobs I was responsible for establishing development protocols as Team Lead. Successfully assessed organizational deficiencies and implemented solutions. Worked with management and clients directly during planning phases of projects. Worked over three junior developers, overseeing and delegating work. Assessed junior developers' strong and weak points, planned effective work strategies and tasks designed to grow their skill set and make them most efficient. Point of contact for customers with technical questions. Dеveloped backup and deployment strategies that were adopted and still in use today.



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Телеграм бот
10 000
Телеграмм бот с реферальной программой
Настройка SSL (HTTPS) для сайтов на VPS (LAMP + nginx)
2 000
Настроить VPS
парсинг ордеров на биржах
2 600
подключить форму php
100 000
Скрипт добавления картинок. PHP
Вставить Google рекапчу в формы на сайт (UMI.CMS)
1 000