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Ukraine Vinnytsia, Ukraine
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  • Maya
  • 3d моделирование
  • разработка игр
  • дизайн игр
  • геймдев
  • gamedev
  • игровая индустрия
  • Blender
  • game design
  • 3ds Max
  • Mobile games
  • Texturing
  • mobile game design
  • Substance Painter
  • Substance
Freelancer Kostiantyn S. — Ukraine, Vinnytsia. Specialization — 3D modeling, Gaming applications


3D modeling
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Здравствуйте. Меня зовут Константин. Я 3D художник.

Специализируюсь в таких областях:

— Скульптинг, создания Low\high poly моделей любой сложности (3ds Max, Maya, ZBrush)

— Создание UV развертки моделей (Uv layout, Unfold3d)

— PBR текстурирование (Substance Painter).

— Полная подготовка модели для импорта в игровой движок (Unity, UE4).

— В процессе создание моделей, в качестве сопутствующих программ использую

также: Adobe Photoshop, Marmoset Toolbag, 3D Coat, PixaFlux и несколько других.

— Имею опыт роботы в Unreal Engine 4.


Винницкий Национальный Технический университет, 2006-2011 гг.

Специальность: Компьютерные системы и сети




Design & art


30 $Old guitar

3D modeling

Probably almost every family from 90s in the former USSR had such a guitar. Often it could be heard in kitchens and porches of Khrushchev houses, on streets and in yards, at picnics and other places of young people recreation of those times. This instrument was produced at the Chernihiv Musical Instrument Factory, Ukraine in the 70s - 90s, and became one of the main symbols of that time.
This asset was created for fun and to practice texturing in my spare time.
The model consists of 5500 tris with a 2k texture.
I hope you will like it :)

  8  0

Abandoned telephone booth

3D modeling

I created this asset for my personal project.
The workflow consisted of blocking and low poly in Maya, sculpting details in ZBrush, baking the normal map in Marmoset Toolbag and texturing in Substance painter.
The asset consists of 5500 tris with a 4k texture.

  28  0

Old painted metal

3D modeling

Substance painter procedural textures practice

  26  0

Space Battleships

3D modeling

The spaceships were made for the mobile RTS game, which is being developed.

  32  1

Sci-fi Interceptor "Pegas"

3D modeling

Low poly sci-fi Interceptor model created for some mobile game

  38  1

Sci-Fi Space ship

3D modeling

Low poly sci-fi fighter model created for some mobile game

  42  1

Stylized Poison Potion

3D modeling

A poisoned potion made in a stylized style. Made by teaching YouTube channel 3dex

  37  1

10 $old chest

3D modeling

Old Chest. low poly model with PBR textures, game ready. 3k Tris.

  41  0

Old Manometer

3D modeling

  66  0

Statue (low poly)

3D modeling

  60  1

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Все сделано в соответствии с пожеланиями.


Константин, спасибо за работу! Всё качественно и в срок. Наша команда очень довольна сотрудничеством.


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3D Artist
3D Моделлер интерьеров для игр. Дизайн и моделирование.
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Разработка военного 3D симулятора на Unity
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