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Development of any kind of software or website requires clear understanding of users’ needs. The software could be useless if programmers made it without usecases research and proper UX testing. I would like to help you to make these preparations in several steps:

Step 1. Collecting of usecases.

This is fieldwork with future customers and software that already is used by customers. I write down all usecases and describe which feature of future software could fulfill users’ needs. Users decide what is more important and which one should go to next release. The result of this step is detailed table with all possible usecases. This document has to be confirmed by all stakeholders.

Step 2. Wireframe UX prototyping

Features from Release 1 are developed by our UX designers in wireframes. Every feature is carefully tested by users and all new information has to be added to usecases. Clickable prototypes and software map are the result of this step. 

Step 3. Software Requirements Specification

I write a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) that consists of detailed information of every feature, page and action of the future system. We will describe hardware software interfaces, functionality, security requirements etc. This document is very important for programmers to build a system and it is also important for product owner to control developers.

Step 4. Production

My designers participate in production stage because they create UI (user interface) for every page of the system. This UI will be developed by programmers in front end. The results of this step are mockup files for all pages in different screen size (1170 / 970 / 750 / 320), icon sprites, list of styles (fonts, colours etc).

Step 5. Usability research

The software has to be tested after implementation with usability tests. Is the system clear and understandable? I could make quality and quantity tests to figure out the level of software usability and propose changes that must be done in UI to fulfill users’ needs.


There are two ways to pay for this service. The research could be charged by every usecase or weekly. 


In the first case you are able to estimate the total price after the first step because you know quantity of usecases after this research. 

Weekly case

In weekly case I offer you one expert for any kind of research or design job and we charge you 450 USD/week.

UX/UI portfolio: https://www.behance.net/salyga_pavlo



6000 ₴EPM Pluse landing page UX / UI design

Web design Web design

EPM Landing page UX/UI design was developed for Microsoft embedded analytics software in 2016. This service arrange all the information users need from Project Server and presented in a visual format to help them make decision. Customers could build dashboards and reports in minutes for portfolios, programs and projects.

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27000 ₴Addlink

Web design Web design

The usecases research, UX, identity and responsive modern UI design of a outsource development company website from SE Asia (Thailand) was made by the team of Addlink Co. ( http://www.addlink.com/en/ ) in 2016 on the base of Wordpress CMS.

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