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United Kingdom Gloucester, United Kingdom
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  • android developer
  • front-end developer
  • Vue.js
  • iOS Developer
  • svelte
  • Web-fullstack
Freelancer Mohammadreza K. — United Kingdom, Gloucester. Specialization — Application programming, Web programming


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⭐️ I have been iOS and Android app developer for a decade now. I have built great applications for different companies.

⭐️ One important thing about myself that I need to mention is that I love to be challenged and build spectacular applications.

⭐️ One of the applications that I built and think was a real masterpiece was a native android vector-based map engine.

⭐️ I also have a lot of experience in full-stack development. Among the web technologies, I love the VueJS the most and have built some great web applications using that.

⭐️ About my personality, one should know that I have worked in different companies and have had many colleagues therefore I have barely say that I am a good communicator and a good hard worker.



2 200 $ReactNative Mobile Development

Hybrid mobile apps

I created a couple of ReactNative and NativeScript applications. These types of applications need to code once and it gives us two versions for Android and iOS. The performance of applications that implemented ReactNative is like native android and iOS applications and they will work quickly and perfectly.

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5 000
Приложения Webview Android
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Create a mob app for freelancers and small enterprises using Node.JS
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1 200
Доработка веб-приложения для курсовой работы
9 500
JS redicrect (редирект) с редактированием источника трафика
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React Native Junior / Middle на проект.
85 000
React + Node Full Stack Developer $5k
140 000