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Nickolas O.


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System administration
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(Years+): Father 3+, Entrepreneur 10+, Senior IT Expert (SDLC, ITSM, ISTQB, MTTR) 17+, Gamer 30+, Baker 30+  

Over the last 15+ years, I have architected, designed/developed, automated, deployed and maintained a wide range of technological solutions (including: web sites, mobile and desktop apps, front/back ends, low level system services, complex multi-service systems etc.) for startup companies and small/mid businesses and big enterprise.  

My core competencies are

  • as Solution Architect (Plan/Design/Validate): Data Integrity, Data Access, Hardware and Software stack, Information Security, etc.
  • as DevOps Architect (Design/Build/Implement/Maintain): Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Configuration Management, Infrastructure Orchestration and Infrastructure Automation (Infrastructure as Code), etc.
  • as Senior Reliability Expert (Plan/Build/Implement/Maintain): High Availability, Fault Tolerance and Disaster Recovery, Full Stack Logging and Monitoring, Self Sustainable Infrastructure, etc.
  • as R&D Expert (Research/Develop/Validate): Top Edge Technology Stack for any Business Domain, etc.
  • as Senior Q{A|C|E} Expert (Plan/Design/Build/Implement/Maintain): Quality Assurance, Quality Control and full stack Quality Engineering (Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Automation), etc.

Why I'm here:

  • seeking opportunities to build concepts, MVPs or complex systems from the ground up for you or your business
  • help to solve any technical issues or any other problems related to IT
  • guide how to drive IT in any business domain to highest possible level




150 000 $Private Email

DevOps DevOps

Environment: #VMWare #vSphere 6.x, #CentOS 7.x, Dell #M1000e, Dell #Compellent, True #NAS / Free NAS, #F5 #BIG IP, #Arista, #Juniper

Stack: #Open-Xchange (#JAVA), #Postfix, #Dovecot PRO, Power #DNS, #Apache, #Haproxy, #Percona #XtraDB Cluster / Server

Logging and Monitoring: #NetData, #ELK Stack, #Pingdom, NewRelic, #OverOps

Orchestration, CM and Automation tools: #SALT, #Ansible, #Cronie

- Migrating solution from Bare Metal to Virtual infrastructure
- Designing, installing and configuring, implementing and maintaining NAS (SAN)
- Implementing and auditing cooperation with other departments
- Planning future infrastructure and budgeting according to customer grow and data needs
- L4 customer support for complex customer cases
- Interfacing with the customers and and other stakeholders in order to determine their (evolving) needs


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Очень качественный исполнитель. Вместо доработки чужого скрипта человек полностью с нуля переделал весь функционал парсера. Всем советую!


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