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Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
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Freelancer Alina Y. — Ukraine, Odessa. Specialization — Testing and QA, Naming and slogans


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Yarosh Alina

Odessa, Ukraine

Goal: gain a position of Junior QA Engineer in advanced IT company to contribute my knowledge and skills for the e-commerce oriented projects and continue my own development to the higher positions.

Personal summary:

My professional background consist of deep theoretical awareness and necessary practical experience for testing web and mobile applications. I have 0.5+ years of commercial experience in refining software by taking part in quality assurance processes. My soft skills are based on splendid critical and analytical thinking with attention to the details. Quickly learn and master new technology. Motivated person and good team player.

Key skills:

Key skills:

Testing: - Strong theoretical knowledge of SDLC, testing approaches, testing classification, testing principles, bug life cycle, design techniques and their implementation, test levels;

- Understanding of test process fundamentals;

- Analysis of requirements, writing checklists, test cases and their execution,

bug reporting;

- Writing test reports, traceability matrices;

- Metrics and collecting test data after performed testing activities;

- Knowledge and performance of functional, non-functional, load, regression,

usability, UI testing types; 

- Understanding of using Jira and Sublime text 3; 

- Leading demo presentations and writing demo scenarios; 

- Communicating with customers, receiving and analyzing feedbacks; 

Technical skills:

- Basic knowledge of HTML & CSS;

- MySQL databases and SQL queries;

- Understanding and reading of XML documents; 

- Familiar with web applications and web browsers architecture; 

- Understanding of HTTP, FTP and HTTPS protocols; 

- Understanding of client-server architecture, interactions between them; 

- Basic knowledge of most popular API ( SOAP); 

- Theoretical knowledge of OOP principles;

- Using Windows; 

Languages: - English language (B2 level);

- Ukrainian and Russian languages (Native).


Date / Position Responsibilities

2014-2015 – Sales Manager.

- taking part in software development processes as Manager; - analyzing requirements and performing review; - leading demo presentations and communicating with customers.

05/11/2016 -03/11/2017 - Customer Service Manager at Main Academy.

-presentations and communicating with clients; -documentation and using CRM-systems; -control and participation of IT-events (Testing and Programming).

01/05/2018 - 01/03/2019 - Manual QA in Solar Digital.

25/03/2019 - present day - Manual QA in Nexteum.


Main Academy Odessa Software testing

Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (2008 – 2014) Specialist degree, Engineer of Technology. 

Additional information:

My interests are: technologies and IT businesses, photography, travelling, sports, learning languages, healthy lifestyle, reading books, self-development, socializing with other people.

Conferences, trainings, seminars:

I’m regularly visiting different kind of IT events in Odessa city. 


Available on request.






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Спасибо Алине за проделанную работу, активность и хорошую коммуникабельность, рекомендую к сотрудничеству.

Contests won 2

Отличный предложенный вариант. Спасибо за хороша идею!

Эрнесто Дель-Росарио

Спасибо за предложенный вариант. Простое и креативное название, соответсвует поставленному ТЗ

Назар Мясоедов


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