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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
6 months ago
Available for hire available for hire
age 29 years
registered for 2 years

  • Adobe After Effects
  • sketch
  • Adode Photoshop
  • Adode Illustrator
  • figma
Freelancer Денис Т. — Ukraine, Kyiv. Specialization — Web design, Interface design


Web design
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Interface design
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My name is Denys, I'm 29 years old, I'm a UX / UI designer. I got more than two years of experience in design. Started with courses at Presto school (Khmelnitsky, Ukraine). Then I was working at local studio Web-Mosaica. After a year I was invited to Kiev to Vintage Web Production studio. Right now, I live in Khmelnitsky and I plan to stay here and work remotely.

What I do is:

  • UI / UX design;
  • Development of website design and interface concept;
  • Designing the structure and navigation of the site;
  • Drawing design layouts (technical design) of sections, pages, interface, modules;
  • Development of solutions for corporate sites and landings;
  • Work with testers and developers.



700 $Betonbet

Web design

Betonbet - is the new bookmaker's office. Dark theme, not dark bet, game slots and match results. Betonbet was created as an easy bookmaker for every user. Process was started from analysis and survey. The prototype was created based on all of the changes and fixes. UI design part took on the challenge of making an original and memorable website.

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500 $Keet cafe app

Mobile apps design

Keet cafe app concept is a part of a cafe loyalty program. This application is intended for regular cafe guests, to receive bonuses for themselves.


BlackGold. UI Design

Web design

BlackGold. UI Design

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7 000 ₴Keet Cafe. UI Design

Web design

Дизайн сайта для кафе.

  3  0

Tura. UI Design

Web design

Дизайн сайта для Junior веб-дизайнера.

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