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Development of scientific software

We are a young Ukrainian software development company that employs several passionate engineers. Our main direction is the engineering, development and implementation of custom software with a deep scientific focus that requires strong skills in mathematical and natural sciences.

The technical leadership of the company is held by two keen scientists with Ph.D. degrees in physics, mathematics and technical sciences. Before the foundation of this company, they worked in academic organizations and other software development companies.

During the last 5 years we have been involved in several projects related to cloud computing, math libraries, machine learning, parallel computing, CAD/CAE, engineering drawing, production costing, computer vision, remote device control, brain physics modeling, natural language processing, satellite imagery and more. We use MPI, OpenMP, COM and other technologies while working in C++, C#, Python, Matlab, Java, Mathematica and other languages. We develop applications for Windows, Linux and Android.

We would be happy to take care of your boldest and most complicated projects!

Visit our website www.unboltsoft.com




Solar System

C# C#

#Programming #Physics #Unity3D

In this project, we modeled the Solar system based on real celestial mechanics. A system of ordinary differential equations is solved numerically with the actual positions and velocities of space bodies at January 1st, 1978 taken as the initial conditions. This application provides flexible control of the camera to observe the Sun, planets and satellites from different points, allowing you to watch this amazing physical process that is otherwise inaccessible to the human eye. It is possible to switch the observer’s location between space bodies and see, for example, a sunrise on Mars. The standard 3D camera operations like rotation, panning, zooming etc. are supported.

The Sun and the planets are very small in comparison with the distances between them. As a result, the observer located on Pluto sees the Sun as just one of billions of other stars. Observation of the whole Solar system in quantitatively exact proportions does not provide a clear qualitative picture. This is why we provided a panorama mode in this application so that the user can watch the bodies in a much bigger size and closer to each other than they are in real life.

The user is also able to throw in new celestial bodies and see the resulting changes in the evolution of the Solar system.

The core of the application is a dynamic-link library that calculates motion trajectories based on real physics. The 3D graphical user interface was implemented for Windows, Android and Web platforms with Unity. A simple 2D graphical user interface was implemented as well. It was developed as a prototype and used for testing of the core library.


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Fluid Mechanics

C# C#

#Programming #Physics

In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas.

This project was devoted to fluid mechanics modeling with OpenFOAM library being an extremely powerful open source toolbox with a broad set of solvers mainly designed for computational fluid dynamics.

Both preparation of the input data and visualization of the output data are nontrivial for this library, requiring some expertise in working with it. The application we developed facilitates the interface between end user and OpenFOAM making it easy to formulate a problem, conduct simulation and analyze its results. With a friendly GUI, the user can adjust spatial and temporal grids, set initial distribution of fluid in tank and start the finite-difference time-domain process with just one mouse click. The results of simulation are automatically loaded, postprocessed and shown to the user in the form of an animation. Optionally, they can be saved to a video file with AVI extension.

The initial geometry of fluid can be drawn by the user just like in a common graphics editor, using an adjustable brush. It is possible save the geometry and to load it later in order to conduct simulations with other fluid properties, e.g. density or viscosity.


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News Impact Explorer

Application programming Application programming

#Programming #Matlab #Mathematics

This application is for the exploration of the impact of economic data releases on the foreign exchange market. It is a tool that combines three kinds of data collected from different sources and presents them together in a user-friendly form:

1. Foreign exchange rates are imported from the most popular trading platform MetaTrader4.
2. The information of major economic data releases is imported from the ForexFactory calendar.
3. Dow Jones Newswires news feed.

The primary customer is a Forex trader who wants to verify the effectiveness of various trading strategies applied at the moment of major economic data releases.

With this application, user can, for example, find all releases of US Nonfarm Payrolls where the difference between the actual released value and the forecasted value was greater than a given threshold. Thereafter they can see how the exchange rate of US dollar to Japanese yen (or other currency pair) was affected by these releases in 1-minute, 5-minutes and 15-minutes time frames.

Simultaneous releases and durable news (e.g. speech of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke) are indicated on the candlestick chart gracefully. News of different countries are shown with labels of different color for visual convenience.

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Electromagnetic Waves in Complex Media

C# C#

#Programming #Physics

A finite-difference time-domain method that is used to integrate the wave equation of a given rectangular area where permittivity function and sources function are defined.

The input of the application is a BMP file where red and green regions denote low and high permittivity values respectively, black pixels define opaque area, and magenta pixels specify the locations of harmonic sources.

Output is an AVI file with a cool video showing the propagation of electromagnetic waves through the media.


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Fractal Browser

C# C#

#Mathematics #Programming

Have you ever dived into the beautiful world of fractal art?

The Mandelbrot set is defined by an extremely simple recurrent equation, but its magic images make our hearts beat faster.

This application generates an AVI file with Mandelbrot set zooming video. The user is able to change the zoom target point by clicking the image at any moment in the process.


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Microstrip Line Analysis and Synthesis

Application programming Application programming

#Fortran #Physics

Microstrip is a type of electrical transmission line that can be fabricated using printed circuit board technology. It is used to convey microwave-frequency signals.

This application allows the user to calculate the electrical properties of a microstrip line in a given geometry produced from set materials (analysis), or to determine the geometry necessary to obey the given requirements for an impedance (synthesis).

This application not only calculates the value of a parameter, but also shows the dependence of that value versus frequency, width of the conductor, or height of the dielectric substrate.

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C# C#

#Programming #DataProcessing

Volnozor is an application that represents by itself the basis for studying the fine, detailed three-dimensional and two-dimensional images of waves of different nature, as well as interactions with them.

Each three-dimensional image consists of several layers for convenient handling. Any of those layers can be switched on and off. There are all necessary possibilities for changing the position of the image and the angle of view by the user. There is also taken into account the peculiarities of the reflection of waves with different natures, according to human perception.

The idea embodied in the structure of this application allows it to fill its functionality by different kinds of waves, and to reflect the characteristics in its visual presentation. There is also the possibility to complement the exploratory and modify data toolkit. Also provided are the reading and writing of the images from storage or stream.

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Impulse Reverberation in Layered Sample

Application programming Application programming

#Physics #Matlab #Mathematics

This software calculates electric field impulse reflection response (IRR) in a given multilayered dielectric sample.

The initial excitation is a Dirac impulse falling from semi-infinite media to the frontal surface of the sample. The impulse propagates inside the sample, and undergoes both reflection and transmission on each interface between two adjacent layers. As a result, the number of secondary impulses raises in geometrical progression.

The goal of this simulation is to calculate the IRR of a given time interval. The IRR is defined by two equal length vectors describing impulses leaving the sample in the direction opposite to the initial excitation:

1. The vector of time delays.
2. The vector of magnitudes.

User can select whether to obtain the main reflections only or to take into scope all the reverberations in a given time interval. Both flat and diverging fronts are supported for the irradiating impulse. Special facilities are implemented for correct handling of the samples where the layers have divisible electrical depths.

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Synthesis of Reflection Coefficient

Application programming Application programming

#Physics #Matlab #Mathematics

This software provides the first step in a simulation where nondestructive testing of dielectric samples is modeled. It calculates the reflection coefficient of multilayered dielectric samples in a wide frequency band. The geometry of the sample, the properties of its dielectric layers, and the frequency grid and noise are specified by the user. The output data can be passed for further processing in order to extract the characteristics of the original sample based on its reflection coefficient.

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Fourier Holography

Application programming Application programming

#DataProcessing #Physics #Matlab #Mathematics

This software was designed as a processor of microwave reflectometer raw output data. The reflectometer measures the power of the reflected wave of a given sample in a wide frequency band. It provides the extraction of a complex-valued reflection coefficient from absolute-valued data utilizing the Fourier holography concept. This concept brings the following algorithm of data processing:

1. Measure the power reflection coefficient of a given sample under investigation.
2. Measure the power reflection coefficient of a given metal sheet placed at the same distance from the horn as the sample frontal plane.
3. Transform both characteristics from the frequency domain to the time domain with discrete Fourier transform.
4. Apply a weight window to the signal suppressing artifacts of reflection from horn throat and aperture, fastening tools, and other objects present in the laboratory.
5. Transform both characteristics from the time domain to the frequency domain and divide one to the other. The complex-valued reflection coefficient is obtained as a result.

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Spectral Analysis

Application programming Application programming

#Algorithm #DataProcessing #Mathematics #Matlab

This software takes a sampled signal in a frequency domain and performs a spectral analysis based on the rational interpolation in Fourier-conjugate time domain. The assumed model of the analyzed signal versus frequency is a sum of complex-valued exponential terms with unknown magnitudes and phases. The goal is a determination of the unknown parameters.

The method is grounded on the fact that such a model corresponds to the sum of pole functions in the time domain. This efficient method of poles parameters extraction is an interpolation of the sampled spectrum with a chain fraction where the interpolation points selected in maximums of the residual spectrum. This interpolation yields zeros and poles that are converted to the magnitudes and phases of the exponents.

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Newton-Kantorovich Iterative Scheme

Application programming Application programming

#DataProcessing #Physics #Matlab #Mathematics #Algorithm

This software provides the reconstruction of the permittivity profile of a multilayered dielectric sample based on microwave reflectometry data acquired in a wide frequency band. The modified Newton-Kantorovich iterative scheme is implemented.

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Cramer-Rao Boundaries

Application programming Application programming

#Mathematics #Statistics #Matlab

This software calculates Cramer-Rao boundaries (i.e. minimum achievable values) for the variances of multilayered structures parameters estimates obtained as a result of the spectral analysis of microwave reflectometry data. The boundaries are shown in the form of colormaps depending on the true position of a pole relative to the interpolation points.

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Eigen Parameters of Bragg Layered Structures

Application programming Application programming

#Physics #Matlab #Mathematics

The influence of various types of distortion of periodicity on the eigen parameters of the layered Bragg resonators is analyzed. The conditions for the reduction of the quality factor of unwanted side Bragg oscillations in quasiperiodic apodized resonators is determined. It proposes the construction of periodic and quasiperiodic structures and apodized Bragg resonators with thin contrast layers, which are relatively easy to technologically implement in the microwave range.

The perturbation of the parameter of periodical Bragg structure is a flexible tool to obtain the desired reflection and transmission characteristics. Apodization of Bragg reflectors leads to a significant reduction of side lobes, while the main maximum is expanding, and its amplitude decreases slightly.

The minimum level of the first sidelobe can be obtained when the apodized function is as smooth as possible. The influence of apodization on the eigenfrequencies of structure increases with growing the distance between the frequency of the Bragg reflections and eigenfrequency. With the introduction of the violation of the structure periodicity as a double thickness of the central layer, there are conditions for the appearance of a high quality oscillation in the Bragg reflection band. Under the apodization of Bragg resonators the frequency selectivity increases due to the relative decrease of the resonances quality factor for the side resonance frequencies subject to the condition that an average contrast throughout the thickness of the structure saves its value.

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Wave Packets Scattered by Bragg Structures

Application programming Application programming

#Matlab #Physics #Mathematics

The time delay, space shift and widening of wave packet transmitted and reflected by structures with Bragg mirrors is investigated. The specific structures such as Bragg mirrors, resonators, and structures with chirp variation of thickness of the “period” are also considered. The calculation is carried out under the conditions that carrier frequency and incidence angle are in the vicinity of the Bragg resonance. Integral (mass center) and differential (group) estimates of the delay time and space shift are then compared. The conditions for the appearance of anomalous (negative) mass center delay or mass center shift (Goos-Hänchen shift) of the reflected wave packet are determined. The shape transformations of the wave packet illuminating periodic and quasiperiodic apodized Bragg reflectors are then considered. Spatial apodization of permittivity contrast yields a much smaller shape deformation of the transmitted wave packet upon incidence at angles and carrier frequency near the edges of the reflection band, as well in the Bragg reflection band, in comparison with phenomena in similar periodic structures. The values of group delay for layered structures with a small chirp variation of optical (electrical) thickness of the period along longitudinal coordinates is experimentally obtained in the microwave range.

GD and GS packet negative values are inherent to asymmetric Bragg resonators and observed under the condition that a resonance thickness layer is located closer to the end of a structure. In the case of large wave packet durations and extent, integral and deferential packet estimates take approximately equal values. CMD and CMS have anomalous values via packet distortions: widening, variation of asymmetry, coefficient of kurtosis.

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