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Виктор Г.


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Over 10-years in in WEB programming and IT:

Working now as Full stack PHP developer.

I have strong knowledge in PHP, MYSQL, JS and Drupal, YII2, Opencart, Laravel and other frameworks.

Previous working at sysadmin, devops and chief IT departments.

Frontend developer (bootstrap + jQuery plugins + custom js with Ajax):

- Developing various Drupal 6-8 multilanguage themes and frontend modules (Multistep registration, calculators, trading indicators, responsive and mobile menus, data visualization, etc.). Creating themes based on bootstrap framework and custom from scratch (html5, css3, JavaScript, JQuery);

- Integrate custom responsive html5+css3 code to Drupal theme with W3 validation;

- Drupal frontend modules(blocks, colorbox, panels, display suite, ctools, media, menu block, etc.) configuration and custom module development.

- Develop Landing pages based on Drupal CMF. Details:

- multistep registration with visual block selection and data validation synced with external API; 

- phone verification based on Twilio sms API; 

- real time economic calendar block with use custom parsing data; 

- real time clients profit visualization block with use external API data; 

- drag&drop documents and files upload form; 

- payments processing forms; 

 - alternate user profile form with visual Ajax data editing; 

- toaster user notification integration. 

Backend developer (php5-7+ MySQL(mariadb) + MySQL replication):

- Developing various multilanguage Drupal 6-8 modules (backend for multistep user registration, economic calendar data parser, payment system gateway integration, etc.).

 - Creating external API integration modules - Azure cloud blob based files exchange, user profile data synchronization;

 - Create payment system processing modules using last API's (BankWire, Credit card, CashU, FasaPay, Neteller, NetPay, OkPay, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, Skrill, UnionPay, WebMoney); 


 - multistep registration backend module synced with external API;

 - payment systems integration backend module (OOP);

 - azure cloud blob storage file synchronization module;

 - phone verification module based on Twilio sms API integration;

 - external API user data synchronization modules;

 - mail send module with Mandrillap API integration. 

Own cloud and physical hosting server administrator (Azure, DigitalOcean, Hetzner, Kimsufi - SoYouStart - OVH):

 - Setup and configure own VPS based LEMP stack hosting on cloud and physical servers;

 - Setup MySQL replication;

 - Configure Nginx caching system with Boost integration;

 - Configure various Nginx plugins (GeoIP etc.);

 - Setup and using DRUSH system.

 Custom module and theming development. Various web sites development, e.g. web-shop from Zen Cart (http://einhell-ua.com) and OpenCart (http://kok.ua , http://easters.com.ua). Development custom system from remote control windows servers over PHP+WMI. Administration skills: Windows servers OS (2000/2003R2/2008R2/2012R2) — domain infrastructure setup and configuration. Unix like OS (FreeBSD, CentOS, Ubuntu, Linux mint, Debian) — deep administration skill and knowledge (administration system and software include Nagios, Cacti, Munin, Syslog-ng, MySQL, Mongo DB, PostgreSQL, Apache, NginX, Node.js, Varnish, Squid, HAProxy, Sphinx). Server virtualization (KVM, Xen, OpenVZ(LXC), QEMU), e.g. migration from hardware to virtual. Server data backup (local storage and cloud storage). Fast diagnostic and troubleshooting any problem. Setup several own WEB hosting platform(LAMP, LEMP), WHM/CPanel/PLESK administration. Setup corporate mail server with domain authentification, videoconference server, ip telephony server, Redmine and SVN, proxy server SQUID with NTLM authentificaton e.t.c. Other OS (Mikrotik, Samsung OfficeServ 100/500, embedded OS) — setup and tunning VPN, src and dst NAT, failover configuration, automatic WAN channel change for Mikrotik. Setup and programming Samsung idcs500 ATS. ISO27001/TrueCrypt — setup and training own company from ISO27001 certification procedure, development and writing documentation, run security audit, encrypting critical information resource.



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