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Article writing, Copywriting
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
Информационные статьи, продающие тексты, сценарии и т.д.
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P.S.: Предпочитаю сотрудничать через "Сейф".

Copywriting, English
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
Creative English and Russian Copywriting. Let's get more attention! Telegram: @dshoenixd
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Does a dog love an onion?Great! I made you read this stuff! I'm a copywriter without any barriers. I like to think outside the box. Did you know? There are so many stamped emails, ads and so on. Absolutely the same. I'm composing something ...

Text translation, Article writing
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
Organizing, Leading, and Controlling – три кити, на яких тримається моє професійне життя
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Hello!  I`m here to make your texts dancing and social media singing at needed voice :)  I also have experience in managing teams, planning and providing different projects and media planes.   The main reasons to hire me:  - I approach each task with ...

Copywriting, English
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
В каждом заказчике я вижу партнера для долгосрочного сотрудничества.
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Здравствуйте! Я уже 6 лет пишу тексты.  Берусь за разную работу, но предпочитаю писать на IT-тематику, про Blockchain и Fintech. Люблю сложные задачи, писать экспертные статьи и делать ресерч.  Пишу на английском и русском языках. В последнее время ...

Text translation, English
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
Amazon & Etsy листинги: Viber/Telegram +38 063 288-3132
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Добрый день, уважаемые коллеги! Буду рада познакомиться с вами и выполнить заказ) Что умею делать: - Пишу креативные тексты для торговых площадок (Amazon, Etsy и проч), делаю SEO оптимизацию по тайтлам/ тегам согласно  требованиям системы - создаю  ...

English, Copywriting
Ukraine Zhitomir, Ukraine
A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business
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Ukraine Cherkassy, Ukraine
veni, vidi, vixi
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Social entrepreneur, flash fiction writer, volunteer, voracious vegetarian. I offer professional writing, translation, consulting, and management for ethical projects, e.g.:  ~ environment protection ~ peacebuilding  ~ climate change awareness ~ ...

Business consulting, Content management
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
Content-marketer & PR, business consultant & science-fiction writer.

... Coordinator of barter cooperation as an information partner of events; Creative - the development of the concept of design banners, ... — свободно владеюНавыкиInterviews  Music Journalism  Writing Advertising Articles  Журналистика  Интервьюирование   ...

Web programming, JavaScript
Ukraine Chernovtsy, Ukraine
Keep Calm and Write Code

Front-end Developer with a strong technical skill-set, attention to detail, and 3+ years experience of development large e-commerce solutions based on CMS Magento. Most of them big brand companies from US, Netherland. Was involved as a front-end ...

Text translation, English
Ukraine Chernovtsy, Ukraine

... job completion. I have been always addicted to an extra creativity in writing, to the originality in thinking, to the special approach to ... You are supporter of the experiments in the translation / writing, or you need to stay conservative and to save ...

Copywriting, Text translation
Spain Barcelona, Spain

... , mobile operator Beeline (corporate segment). Team leadership, creative process management, supervising photo shooting and TV ads ... & Saatchi Moscow Full spectrum of advertising, concept development, writing copies for: Beer brand Golden Barrel, Turkey ...

Article writing, Text translation
Russia Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Curioser anc curioser!
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Creative WriterArt, Entertainment, Media; Music; Writing, Editing Work experience December 2015 — October 2016 ... -rams-2016-videology/) and more... Key skills: Creative Writing,  Blogging, Copywriting, Culture Studies, Interpreting/Translating, Dancing ...

Article writing, Legal services
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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At present I am a third-year university student and I study law.  Moreover, since April 2017 I have been a paralegal at Chiron law firm, which provides legal support for Ukrainian business with an emphasis on foreign economic activity.I can regard ...

Article writing, Tuition
Russia Saint-Petersburg, Russia
You can do everything

Hi, my name is Christina. I’m an art student from Smolny college. I adore writing poetry and writing songs, as well as writing essays and working with texts. Know a lot about music theory and history. I can also make an artwork, an outfit sketch or ...

Text translation, English
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
Make this world better everyday!

... /CSS3. Here I would love to get deeper into creative writing, literary translation and software localization. Education2010 — 2014 ...