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Linux/Unix, PHP
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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... core kernel technologies, not dependent from any hardware.    • After working at Viosoft, I discovered the benefits of working ... , NAS, 40k$ switches and many different expensive hardware, which you will not meet in working by freelance ...

Interface design, Web design
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
deploy first code later
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... and action of the future system. We will describe hardware software interfaces, functionality, security requirements etc. This ...

Web programming, System administration
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
Работа на результат!
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Гловацкий Олег ОлеговичГенеральный директор LLC, "SOFTUUP"Tel.:+38(050)-155-40-44 Дата рождения: 18 июня 1994 Город: Киев Skype: kibernetik89 e-mail: [email protected] Желаемый вид деятельности:- C++ Development,- Augmented Reality(дополненная ...

Sergey Soroka — sergey_soroka verified 
Software/server configuration, Linux/Unix
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
Консультирую бесплатно. Пишите в личку.
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Software/server configuration, System administration
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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... and building IT infrastructure in officesResolving incidents with software/hardware issuesDiagnostics and troubleshooting of network services and routing ...

PHP, Web programming
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
Per aspera ad astrum

... (KVM, Xen, OpenVZ(LXC), QEMU), e.g. migration from hardware to virtual. Server data backup (local storage and ...

Application programming, Databases
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine

... , B-52, R-Keeper. Development and support for restaurant accounting hardware and software.

PHP, Web programming
Armenia Gyumri, Armenia
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... the Android operating system and the other hardware included in it. It is foreseen to include a tutorial for training courses ...

Apps for Android, Java
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine

... JulyShort Project descriptionSyncing channel list depends on installed hardware and authorization accessTeam size(peoples)1OS/Platform ...

System administration, Linux/Unix
Ukraine Vinnytsia, Ukraine

... configuration;Reconfiguration of the local network and Wi-Fi;Hardware maintenance of servers and workstations;Full equipment ... Intouch HMI Software, software for Level2 automatization, hardware, Enterasys network solution, Delphi 5, etc. ...

Testing and QA, Photo processing
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine

... administration; Prompt detection and troubleshooting software and hardware; Installing and configuring OS and application software; Setting ...

C/C++, Embedded systems and microcontrollers
Ukraine Zaporozhe, Ukraine

... understand the design of schematic and make hardware prototypes.Using conventional hardware development tools (oscilloscope, SPI, JTAG ...

Ukraine Vinnytsia, Ukraine
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... company “Planet-M” ( Development of hardware and software systems for different purposes based ... Rada-B” in Vinnitsa Regional Council. Design and development of hardware and software for petrol stations. Technologies usedProgramming ...

Customer support, Testing and QA
Ukraine Ukraine

... clients via CRM, e-mail, chat with ; - software, hardware supporting; - solving problems and issues; - basic and ...

Delphi/Object Pascal, System administration
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine

... system Responsibilities: Select an appropriate hardware (router, pc, etc. ) Installation ... + NAS Responsibilities: Select an appropriate hardware (IP-cam, NVR, NAS etc. ) ...