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Online stores and e-commerce, Software/server configuration
Ukraine Ternopol, Ukraine
Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them. (Albert Einstein)
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Magento developer with experience 7++ years, specialized especially on magento develop/bugfix/speedup.Unix sysadmin/core programmer/security specialist with experience 14++ years. Used to work with many modern programming languages. Like and inspired ...

Java, Website development
Ukraine Chernigov, Ukraine
Only Perfect {Software}

        Development of an overall system architecture and code design, participated in implementation, installation and testing. Was actively involved in a design cycle with internal groups and corporate customers. Acted a liaison between internal ...

Web programming, JavaScript
Ukraine Zaporozhe, Ukraine

Навыки работы с компьютером:-Linux(Ubuntu, Kali, Manjaro, Mint, BlackArch);-Windows;Верста сайтов ПО: Figma, Avocode, Zeplin;Программирования:Vuejs, Nuxtjs, Laravel, Mongodb, SASS, Git, Materialize, Bootstrap, PHP, Django, React, Gatsbyjs, webpack, ...