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Apps for Android, Application programming
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
Industrial math & magic
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IoT, set-top TV Box, AOSP,  Android SDK & JNI (NDK),  Audio DSP, GMaps,  AR: Vuforia, Kudan, Wikitude, SLAM, Markerless, ML,  RS232, USB, Bluetooth LE,    Audio DSP, Far Field Mic Array, FFmpeg, h264, rtmp, WebRTC, Amazon AWS, Golang, BeeGo, Linux OS ...

Java, Linux/Unix
Moldova Kishinev, Moldova
100 раз отмерь и 1 раз отрежь
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... of degradation Personal home projects: Main project:  -smart audio player for Android, Evil Player  Find“em on market ... imaginary, to build new artifficial models from parts of recognized outside world, like a play constructor game; module ...