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Online stores and e-commerce, Web programming
Ukraine Chernigov, Ukraine
Skype: mr.alexwaha, E-mail: [email protected] - Создание и поддержка сайтов
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Copywriting, Audio/video editing
Moldova Kishinev, Moldova
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... в T-Components CorpКопирайтер, контент-менеджер в Apple-Help.RUКопирайтер, контент-менеджер в Mobile-Answers.RUКопирайтер, ... переводчик, диктор, видео-монтажер в компании «»Работал Независимый журналист в компании «Воронеж -» ...

Online stores and e-commerce, Interface design
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine

... the latest web technologies in UI/UX development which will help your customers quickly find the right product ... SEO friendly and with responsive design. I will help you transform your personal or business concept into ...

Copywriting, Text translation
Ukraine Lvov, Ukraine
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... kind of dough I am formed and how my work will help you, I’ll better tell about myself. More concretely ... , that the magic ink of this pen will help me find a kind and generous employer who will ...

Social media page design, Marketing research
Italy Bella, Italy
Ничего, что одежда помята, я не вру вам, имейте в виду, Eсли "вход" для меня будет платным, Я "в кредит" на работу приду.

JavaScript, Node.js
Ukraine Vinnytsia, Ukraine

... HTML&Sass code, compile sass to CSS with help Compass. Using Bootstrap and AngularJS adapted bootstrap ... . And else commit this on the server with help Git version control system.Front-end developerAug ...

Social media marketing, Web design
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine

... good business page on  Facebook, Instagram, G+ or Youtube,  I can help with it. I am patient and have perfect attention to details ... – Youtube. Design knowledges in Photoshop.I  will be very happy to help you with your Project. Thanks for your ...

Java, Apps for Android
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine

... for agents in Thomas Cook retail store, helping to add booking to database. Web oriented ... web MAVIS – web application, helping agent using vouchers for payment ... Programming user interface Working with help-desk Creating database stored ...

Recruitment, Advertising
Poland Krakow, Poland

... , artistic and cream workshops, individual help for students during the classes, help for teachers in preparing the ...

Data parsing, Search engine optimization
Ukraine Ukraine

... по использованию кабинета для сотрудников. Написание различных «Help-ов». / Создание кабинета для обучения в короткие ... поддержке: Написание, в подробностях с картинками и скриншотами: Help-ов, руководств для персонала, тех. Документации. Умение четко ...

Text translation, Presentation development
Russia Sochi, Russia

... relations. I also know English and can help you translate your text. In addition, I ... enjoy creating presentations and can also help you with this. I am responsible, punctual, clearly ... sociable. Write to me and I will be happy to help you!

Designing, Engineering
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine

We can help you in designing and development of industrial ammonia  refrigeration ... , agriculture, diary, meat and beverage plants. We can help you in designing projects in sections refrigeration technology, automation ...

Web design, Mobile apps design
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine

... a project can be realized.PROTOTYPINGBefore you commit we can help you quickly validate an idea or potential project through ... EXPERIENCEYour project shouldn't require an operating manual; we can help you create an intuitive experience for your users ...

English, System administration
Ukraine Vinnytsia, Ukraine

... , hard-working person, professional worker who can help to support your projects.  Here is a list of my skills: - Jira ... ); - installing/troubleshooting  third-party applications; Also, I can help you with  simple tasks as: - transcribing ( did more ...

Text editing and proofreading, English
South Korea Taejeon, South Korea
Life is a series of moments

... copyeditor of scientific manuscripts, theses, and dissertations. I specialize in helping English-as-a-second-language (ESL) authors prepare their ...