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Illustrations and drawings, Vector graphics
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
Хороший художник - спокойный художник.
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Здраствуйте! Меня зовут Алена, я дизайнер-иллюстратор из Киева. Рисую в следующих стилях: - 2d (растр) - векторная графика Темой не ограничена, люблю рисовать карты, детские и журнальные иллюстрации, графику для игр разной тематики, разрабатывать ...

Copywriting, Text translation
Ukraine Lvov, Ukraine
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... la in all prescriptions, using to successfully preparing a CV (and as it is written in books, sold in the underground passages, with the typical ... develop any kind of graphic material, draw pictures, take pictures. Logos, posters and photo editing are ...

German, Text translation
Ukraine Lvov, Ukraine

... means for achieving effectiveness of dialogical argumentation in the book "The History" by Herodotus (as based on the dialogue between ... and modern Greek languages, Linguistic and conceptual pictures of the world, Kiev, 20127. The structure of simple ...