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An article + 20 sub-articles with one image each about window treatments

closed without completion

Write one "unit" according to instructions below.

Present article title "How to choose formal window treatments"

Interior design article writing and submitting instruction

1. Overall idea

A unit consists of an article around 500 words with 20 mini-articles around 100 words. Each article (main and mini) has an image that illustrates it, a title around 55 characters, a description around 155 characters and one or a couple of tags assigned. The main article also has one or couple of categories assigned. A topic of the main article is quite broad while topics of the attached mini-articles are narrow. The main article describes a set of interior design ideas united by some concept while each mini-article describes a certain implementation of this concept. For example, the main article is about blackout window treatments and each mini-article is about certain window treatment that lowers the sunshine in the room (blinds, shades, curtains, etc.). We do not sell something, so articles only give ideas for interior design, without promoting any places where to buy something.

2. Beginning

Log in on the page using login AS and password qas8jhNbvcdfDser

Click on the "Pages" link and you will see a list of articles. Click on the "Edit" link for an article you are going to work on. You will see an image, form with the article title, description, content, image submitting fields, categories, tags and "Save" button, a gallery of images attached to the article.

3. Main article

Read article title, description and content. Define its keyword. For example, in the article "Perfect curtains for bedroom: blackout window treatments" keyword is "blackout window treatments". You can see that a half of the article content is about another topic - "black and white window treatments" and tags are all about it. In this case, this off-topic content should be cut from the current article and a new article created for future writing. To do it, open the "New" link in a new tab of your browser, cut off-topic text, past it to the content of a new article, write keyword ("black and white window treatments") as title, select "Articles" as type and click on "Create" button. The new blank article will be created and later written in the same manner as current. If the title needs correction, change it. For the current example, the title is ok. The title has another keyword - "bedroom" which is explainable, blackout window treatments suited for bedroom. So article can assume bedroom as a place for blackout window treatments but doesn't have to be limited to it. Now write the main article (500 words). You can use present text but since it is low quality and over spammed with keywords, it should be completely rewritten anyway. The main article should describe the concept, some general idea. In the example with blackout window treatments, it is about darkening the room. You can also use present tags and some mini-article titles as keywords for the main article. For example, there is mini-article "blackout window coverings ideas". It cannot stay because it is too broad to be title for mini-article, but can be used in the main article. The same is for some tags. In present text, keywords often marked with bold, underline, italic, etc. Do not do it in your article and do not use the same keyword several times! You write the article for humans, so repeating of the keywords is very undesirable. Also, do not use plain keyword just because. It should sound natural, sometimes it can be changed (singular-plural, prepositions in-between words) a bit. Do not use fluff or filling. Article text should be meaningful, not just a rabble. Then write a short summary (around 25 words) of the whole article. It should be in "Description" field.

4. Image

Use Bing image search to find an image that illustrates the article. Use keyword as a search query. Images should be without watermark or text over image and minimum 1000 px width (you can use Large or Extra large option or even specify minimum width in the corresponding field (in this case you should also specify minimum height, 500 px for example)). The image should be related to the article. If the title says that it is about blackout window treatments and bedroom is a nice place to apply them, there should be a bedroom and a window with some treatment that protects the room from the sunshine on the picture.

5. Tags and categories

There are already some tags and categories assigned to the main articles and they should be changed. Currently, tags are "keyword + additional word" (in the example with "blackout window treatments», they even use another keyword

"black and white window treatments" which is completely wrong). After editing, tags should not repeat the same keyword and should not contain "window treatments" or "ideas" because the whole site is about "window treatment ideas" and it's obvious that every single article is also about window treatment ideas. Tags should not be long like they are now. There also should not be many tags. It can be one or two if it is enough to define the concept of the article. For "blackout window treatments”, tag can be "blackout". To edit a tag just edit text in the corresponding field, use buttons "Delete" to delete certain tag or "Add tags" to add a new one. Categories for the trial article are optional, but if you write all the articles for the site, please organize articles into useful categories.

6. Saving the main article and processing to mini-article

Just click on the "Save" button to save the article. Then click on "Edit" again and scroll the page to bottom. There you can find a gallery of images with mini-articles for current article.

7. Keyword research

Titles and content of mini-articles should have relation to the main article topic. In the example above, titles should contain word "blackout" or synonym (darkening) and mini-articles itself should tell about eclipsing a room with the certain window treatment. To get ideas for mini-articles titles a keyword research should be used.

If you don't have a Google AdWords account, please sign up on page , it's free. If you already have an account, log in and click on the "Keyword Planner" link in the "Tools" menu. Click on the "Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category" and past keyword of the main article. Click on the "Get ideas" button and then on "Keyword Ideas" tab on the opened page. You will get a list of keywords that could be used to make titles for mini-articles. For example, "blackout window treatments" gives us a list:



window treatments

roman blinds

window blinds

roman shades


blackout blinds

window shades

window coverings


Please, check Avg. monthly searches of the initial keyword (in the first table with just one row, for example, "blackout window treatments" has 260 searches per month). It should be greater than 0 (dash will be displayed in this case instead of numbers). For example, keyword "family window treatments" is wrong (no searches), it should be changed to "family room window treatments" which has 110 searches. This should be taken into consideration while writing the main article. A title for a mini-article should refer to some certain window treatment and to main article topic. So take a keyword from list and if it can work together with main article topic (blackout for example), make a title from it. For example, blackout blinds is ok for title. Titles should be in natural language, not plain keywords. For example, if you got keyword "blackout curtains white", it can't be title for article, because nobody will name article like this, it's just a keyword for search engines. You should change it to, for example, "white blackout curtains". Keyword "window treatments" is not suitable for mini-article title since it is too broad. The whole site is about window treatments. "window blinds" is a synonym for "blinds" so only one of them can be used (it's better to use longer one (window blinds) if it sounds natural). You can also use Google Search for keyword research, just make search with a keyword and scroll the results page to the bottom. There will be "Searches related to <your keyword>" section with some keyword ideas. Beware of keywords with words buy or shop name or others where is nothing you can tell about it in an article (with words cheap, store, affordable, discount, etc.). However, makes can be used (Ikea, Hunter Douglas, etc. Currently there even exists a category "Brands" for such things). You can also look at present mini-articles titles, use them as is or correct them to make them sound natural, but 90% of them are useless. Good if you check your resulting keywords in Keyword Planner to see its Avg. monthly searches (the more, the better).

8. Mini-articles

Click on "Edit" link of the mini-article you are going to edit. Process of editing and saving of the mini-article is the same as with main article - title, description, content, image and tags. The only differences are length (100 words for mini-article), narrow topic, no need to assign category. Image should be related to mini-article title and content. For example, if mini-article is about blackout shades, on the picture should be shades and there should be seen some blackout effect from it. Do not repeat tags of the main article for mini-articles. For example, if the main article is about blackout window treatments and has blackout tag, assume that all mini-articles already have it. You should add another tag, for example if mini-article is about blackout shades, shades tag should be added. You can delete mini-articles using "Delete" link or add new using "New child image" link on the main article edit page. Remember to save changes to the current article before going to another one. You can use images that already exists, change their titles or leave them as is if they sound good or search for other images using the Bing search.

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