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Call Center Representative Agent Application

project expired

A standalone application implemented using Electron/Vue.js frameworks to be installed on on the rep's workstation, providing shift reporting capabilities such as: login, logout, and time off notices; as well as showing a set of fields concerning the rep's session and activity - be updated in real time.

Implementation Details:
The communication with the server is to be implemented using a custom application level RESTful protocol on top of websockets. The protocol documentation and the specific events and examples, as well as UI mockups will be provided for you in a separate set of documents. The development process should be fully TDD, with tests and mock objects/functionality implemented by you according to the documentation supplied.

Required Skills:
- Have 5+ years of experience writing client side rich Javascript applications.
- Proven experience in Vue.js and Electron frameworks.
- Have strong understanding of MVVM and Separation of Concern principles.
- Write tests using Spectron/Karma/Mocha/Chai for unit/e2e testing.
- Understanding of REST verbs, status codes and terminology.
- Be able create mocks of the backend services according to the provided protocol documentation, in order to work independently.
- Have proven knowledge of client side/Electron application optimizations.

1 Week.

Roman Heiman
Israel Israel
Project published
6 June 2017