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1000 ₴

Character drawing

Client's feedback on cooperation with Стругалёвой Катериной


Amazing work from Katya. It was easy to communicate with her. Very happy with the result.

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Yuliia Mishchenko

Task formulation

Очень приятная заказчица и мне было в радость сотрудничать. Предоставила нужные материалы и информацию для работы и разница во времени не была помехой для контакта. Буду рада еще поработать в будущем 🙂

Стругалёва Катерина | Safe Safe

  1. 5848    130  0
    2 days1000 ₴

    Hello, I will be glad to cooperate
    Price and terms depend on the style
    My portfolio Behance

  2. 1590    14  0   1
    5 days12 234 ₴

    Hello, I am interested in your project.
    I work both in raster and in vector,
    Examples of work in the profile,
    I am ready to discuss details, terms, price.
    Write, I will be glad to cooperate.

  3. 621    36  3   2
    3 days800 ₴

    I have been drawing raster / vector for more than ten years, examples of work can be seen hereпортрет/
    ready to render, make edits if necessary

  4. proposal concealed by freelancer
  5. 298    2  0
    5 days2000 ₴

    Здравствуйте, я могу нарисовать для вас персонажей ваших детей, мои работы тут Behance

  6. 546    11  1   1
    3 days800 ₴

    Добрый день.Горю желанием работать с Вами!

    Мое увлечение -это рисование и я превратила хобби в работу. Я создала на фрилансе более 20 успешных книг с высоким рейтингом, которые публикуются на Амазоне, продаются в книжных магазинах .Имела опыт работы с 4 издательствами.Постоянно создаю новые книги различных форматов (черно белые иллюстрации для учебников ,лабиринты и художественная литература)

    Быстро обучаюсь и рисую в различных стилях. Я работаю в Photoshop/Illustrator/Procreate. Создаю креативные эскизы ,предлагаю свои идеи и отлично коммуницирую с заказчиком. Работаю быстро укладываюсь раньше срока .

    Сотрудничаю с издательствами в Украине . Также беру частные заказы у писателей- художественная литература . Создаю развивающие книги в сотрудничестве с психологом, также детские лабиринты в форме игры. Генерирую быстро идеи , создаю раскадровку -сценарий.

    Есть множество положительных отзывов :


  7. 285  
    2 days1000 ₴

    Hello, Yuliia!
    It would be great to draw children from photos in my style. I like to draw cute and funny children.
    I can start working right now. I will coordinate all the stages with you.
    My works can be viewed here - Behance
    I hope for cooperation!

  8. 814    8  0
    7 days1600 ₴

    Hello , Yuliia)

    My name is Oleg, I am an illustrator and 2D artist from Ukraine with 5 years of experience. By this time, I have completed more than 30 successful projects of children's books illustrating, character design, and environmental design. Including illustration projects for websites, printing, and game development. In my work I always prioritize the success of your project, offer suitable creative solutions and always fit into the deadline. Work with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop .
    I will be happy to draw this task))

    Please, feel free to check my portfolio by following links:


    I will be happy to discuss the details of the project)

  9. proposal concealed by freelancer
  10. 1238    28  0
    2 days800 ₴

    Hello! intresting project, maybe i can help you, my works you can see in portfolio.

  11. proposal concealed by freelancer
  12. 219    1  1
    2 days800 ₴

    I can do this job for you. I can provide you some samples of my previous portraits. Just give me a knock and let's get started)

  13. proposal concealed by freelancer
  14. 303    3  0
    3 days800 ₴

    I am Alina
    Draw the characters for books
    I think, my skills is useful for you.
    let`s work together

  15. 569    10  0
    8 days2000 ₴

    Hello. I can help you.
    Price and terms depend on the style you need.
    My portfolio: Freelancehunt

  16. 198    2  1
    1 day800 ₴

    Hello! i'm a professional illustrator.i specialize in creating colourful, detailed illustrations for games and web sites.
    i work both with vector(.eps, .ai, .cdr) and raster(.psd), cartoony and realistic styles, so, i will be able to provide you with the artwork you need.


  17. 448  
    2 days800 ₴

    Hello , Yulia !
    I have been doing digital illustration for over two years now.
    I can offer a portrait in the style of The Simpsons, they are very relevant now.
    Examples and other styles I have in my portfolio: Behance

  18. 302  
    3 days800 ₴

    Hello Yulia! I am an illustrator, I am very interested in your project! I will be happy to draw your children! You can see my works here
    Have a good day!

  19. 351    7  0
    3 days800 ₴

    Hi, I'm a designer and an illustrator. I have captured your description that you need your son's and my daughter's photos made into digital character. I make good graphics llustration for children's book. I'm highly skilled in adobe illustrator, photoshop.
    Would you please check out my portfolio?

    Waiting for your contact, have a nice day.

  20. 544    10  0
    3 days1000 ₴

    Helloy, Yuliia!

    I will be delighted to work with you. I can send examples of my last works in private messages. After we discuss all the details of the drawings, I will start working. You will be able to control all stages of work, I will send you screenshots (line, color ... and so on).

  21. 235  
    2 days1000 ₴

    Здравствуйте , готов выполнить ваш заказ, рисовал стикеры по фотографиям, за деталями обращайтесь в лс

  22. 483    8  1
    5 days5000 ₴

    hello, Yuliia!
    I can do it
    Write to me, and we will discuss your project

  23. 297    1  0
    7 days800 ₴

    and many other work...

  24. 220  
    5 days800 ₴

    Hello, Yuliia!
    I am interested in your project. I will be happy to draw portraits of your children for you.
    My portfolio:

    Hope for cooperation!

  25. 5044
     69  1
    Work samples:

    7 days2000 ₴

    Hello, I can create cute funny characters for u, waiting for photos as references.
    Y drawing style u can see in this picture or on my portfolio

    Hope for communication with you ❤️

    И да: дети у меня не болеют, комп не ломается, интернет не лагает. Так что заказ будет выполнен в лучшем качестве и в оговорённые сроки!)

  26. 446    7  0
    2 days800 ₴

    Hello, Yuliia!
    It is so cute task. I recently had a similar order with children portraits (can send in private message).
    I make illustrations for children in Photoshop and we can find spesial style for you
    Portfolio: Freelancehunt

  27. 677    10  0   1
    2 days1000 ₴

    Hello, I am interested in your project.
    Price and terms depend on the style.
    I paint in different styles. I need examples of pictures that you like. I will do it efficiently, attractively and on time.
    My portfolio Behance

  28. 412    6  0
    3 days1000 ₴

    Good day!
    I am an artist, illustrator. I also develop character design and concept art, comics. I am ready to fulfill the order.

    🎨 I have examples of work in my profile. Freelancehunt
    I know how to adapt to the desired style, if the order requires it.

    I am always in touch. Hope for cooperation.

  29. 1822    35  1
    1 day800 ₴

    Hi there ! I'm professional illustrator who creates high quality projects and would like to make your well . My portfolio you could see by the link and on my Freelancer page , nevertheless i'll send more works in the messages . I'm ready to start and hope you too . Write me if you like my works and lets have a conversation about details

  30. proposal concealed by freelancer
  31. 912    11  0
    3 days1400 ₴

    Добрый день. Нарисую красивые портреты ваших деток, красиво и в срок. Пишите, обсудим все подробности и смотрите моё портфолио

  32. 349  
    2 days1200 ₴

    Hi, Yuliia! Such a lovely idea to turn your children's personalities into digital characters! I'd like to draw them for you in my unique style (which you can check out at my Behance profile ;) If you like my artwork, that would be a great opportunity for me to create something really special for kids :)

  33. 385    2  0
    4 days800 ₴

    Hi, I am so interested in your idea! :) I love children and especially to draw them. You can see examples of my style in the profile. I will wait for your message and I will do everything with high quality and in the cute style ☀️

  34. 1310    41  1   1
    3 days800 ₴

    Hello, Mariya!
    I'll be glad to complete this project for you!
    I am a digital artist and professional
    graphic designer with feedback on this platform
    I am easy going to apply corrections
    Which style do you prefer? Can you send references please? And I will be glad make this job

  35. 589    12  3   3
    8 days800 ₴

    my name is Daulet, I am an artist
    interested in your order, I will be glad to participate in your project.

  36. 774    4  0
    4 days1500 ₴

    I will do it quickly, efficiently, I will take into account all the recommendations.
    There is experience of such cooperation.
    My style is warm, cozy, fabulous ... I think this is what you need)
    The cost and terms are indicated approximately, I will say more precisely after specifying the details.
    I am ready to start immediately after agreeing on the terms of reference.
    Portfolio—- Freelancehunt
    I will be glad to cooperate!

  37. 447    1  0
    3 days800 ₴

    Hello, Yuliia!
    Ready to draw your children's characters
    in the right style)
    I work in vector
    My portfolio Freelancehunt

  38. 573    5  0
    Winning proposal3 days1000 ₴

    Hi, I will be happy to draw your children for you! There are works in this style in my profile :)

  39. 2724    103  1   1
    2 days800 ₴

    Готова выполнить задачу.

  40. 262  
    4 days1000 ₴

    Hello. I can do it in a cartoon style, in a vector. I've already done this. I can stylize children ore can make them as similar as possible.