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Content creation for Twitter & LinkedIn | SMM | English

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    Добрый день! . Английским языком владею в совершенстве,

    lived and worked 3 years in UK

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    Good evening, Vladimir!
    I am very interested in your project!
    My name is Aleksandra, I am SEO-copywriter with 2,5 years experience in writing SEO-optimizing sells texts in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian languages.
    Examples of my text you can see at my portfolio on this website.
    I am looking forward for our cooperation!
    Yours faithfully,

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    Dear Vladimir,

    I am a young and motivated copywriter. And it can be a great and exciting opportunity for me to work with you.
    And more than that, you will be satisfied with my work, so let's get in contact?

    Looking forward to start a new challenge with you!
    Best Regards,
    Artur Zavada

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    Hello, my name is Artem, I and my team are interested in your project and would like to work on your case. My experience in this field is more than 5 years(for the last six months I have been working with various promotion niches, including promotion in social networks) This position is suitable for me because I can cover all your needs at once: 1. There is practical experience in this area and the implementation of various cases. 2. I am interested in your case and I see a great potential for growth through promotion in social networks. 3. I design my work efficiently, which allows me to avoid mistakes and problems at the stage of its beginning. I am ready to provide you with my proposal for the implementation of the promotion strategy in social networks. Please read my resume.

  5. proposal concealed by freelancer
  6. proposal concealed by freelancer
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    Добрый день, Владимир!

    Занимаюсь продвижением бизнеса с помощью таргетированной рекламы через Instagram/Facebook.
    В сфере маркетинга 3 года. Настраиваю и веду рекламные кампании.
    Кейсы есть в разных нишах от товарного бизнеса, до личных брендов, продвижения мероприятий, онлайн-платформ и услуг. Также владею английским на уровне B2, поэтому могу делать качественную работу и на зарубежный рынок.

    Также у меня есть своя небольшая команда, которая поможет с SMM, созданием лендингов, дизайном, а также продвижением в тикток. Если необходимо, можем упаковать проект под ключ.

    С частью моих кейсов можете ознакомиться в портфолио на странице фрилансера, остальное отправлю в личные сообщения.

    Цена обсуждается, в зависимости от необходимых Вам услуг.
    Напишите мне в сообщения, чтобы обсудить детали проекта.
    Буду рада помочь с продвижением и вывести Ваш бизнес на новый уровень)

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    Dear Vladimir,

    I'm a professional copywriter with a Master's Degree in English and long-term experience with various niches- Saas (niche-related articles you can find in a portfolio of mine), IT (Outsourcing, Outstaffing, Software Development, Machine Learning, AI, AR\VR, IoT, Blockchain, etc.), Marketing, eCommerce, grey niches.

    I used to fulfill and manage the LinkedIn posting activity and SMM posts for various niches in the US, UK, and European markets. Here are the types of informational, telling, and persuasive content I create (Landing Pages, Pre-Landing Pages, Service Pages, Guest Posts, Case Studies, E-mail sequences, Blog Posts, Interviews, Press-Releases, SMM Posts, Instagram\Facebook Ads Creatives, Push Notifications, etc.).

    Take a look at my portfolio:

    Faithfully yours, Grygoryev Danil

  9. proposal concealed by freelancer