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i need to create a 3D face recognition software that got the best accuracy that we can get (99.9% accuracy),

at first we will need the program to be stand along but the next project is to place it on DVR for the cameras,

the first project need to give me 3 options.

1) self cam (the computer camera).

2) USB camera (for USB cameras).

3) Net Camera (need to place url of the camera).

the recognition should be divided to grups (workers, costumers,  wonted, and more, but have to be grupe name unknown that delete all the faces every day (to be configure). 

at first all picture that the camera will get will be unknown until they configure and place that in the grope that we want.

the configure can add and remove gropes and pictures.

we got a lot of work to give. 

  1. 7 days32 400 ₽
    Андрей Скуратовец

    Hello. I am ready to fulfill your task. but there are a couple of questions. write me in telegram
    @ evil_sa_1

    Belarus Brest | 8 May at 13:52 |
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    Дмитрий Гольд
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    Здравствуйте! Меня заинтересовал Ваш проект. Я готов немедленно за него взяться. Подробности можем обговорить по почте:
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    Могу сделать оптовую скидку.
    P.S. Ну или в половину меньше, но срок в два с половиной раза больше.

    C уважением,
    Гольд Дмитрий Владимирович.

    Russia Ryazan | 9 May at 14:17 |
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    7 days32 768 ₽

    Hello. I am a Computer Vision & Machine Learning professional and i have a big amount of projects done in this area. Also I represent an excelent command of highly motivated people each is a pro in his area.
    For example, I already have soft that connects to cameras and makes people detection and logging this info to database. So we can start from this point and add face detection recognition modules.
    This project can be estimated only after additional consultations and compiling a list of tasks and estimating amount of hours. Our rates are 15$/h.
    Please contact me:
    telegram: @alexander_lit
    email: [email protected]

    Ukraine Kyiv | 10 May at 23:31 |
  • Anton Kravtsov
    Complain | 8 May at 11:32 |

    3D face recognition software

    Standard recognition libs (OpenCV, dlib, etc.) work with 2D images ... What do you mean with 3D? Could you provide some sample data?

    Only implementation in  Python  is accepted? The chances are high that the performance may be lower if compared to using underlying libs from C++ (f.i., refer to Does performance differs between Python or C++ coding of OpenCV?).

    Client needs the contractor to be in Ukraine. 

    You've specifed the budget 32449 ₽ (in Russian Roubles), and the currency of Ukraine is Hryvnas 🙂