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Creative copywriter (Scriptwriter for video production)

  1.  1 day 777 ₴
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    I am a graduate student at the Institute of Cybernetics of NASU. I write scripts for social music videos and lyrics (,,,, shoot and edit videos myself.
    Sample presentation of one social project:
    I constantly improve my skills. Upper-Intermediate English.
    Please feel free to cooperate.

  2.  1 day 500 ₴

    My name is Maksym Romanytsia, I am a student of Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary University, specialization - directing of television. I have experience of writing scripts, know the process of video production. My current English level is B2. Would like to work with you.

  3.  15 days 10 000 ₴
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    Hello! My current level of English is B2. I have big experience of copywriting. Thanks for attention! With best regards!

  4.  3 days 1 000 ₴
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    Good day, Vlad Yurchenko!
    Would like to work with you very much!
    I am SEO-copywriter with 2 years of experience in writing SEO texts in English, German, Russian, and Ukrainian.
    My current English level is B2.
    Write to me, please! I am looking forward to our cooperation!

  1.  1 day 13 000 ₴
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    Hi lived in Uk 4 years experience as copywriter regards Sandro

  2. proposal concealed by freelancer
  3.  30 days 777 ₴
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    Hi Vlad,

    I've completed my Bachelor's degree in Linguistics. Have an experience in scriptwriting for animation studio. I can send drafts of the script. Advanced English. Willing to continue my writing career, therefore, would put maximum effort into delivering entertaining scripts.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

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