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Design & develop custom software (Web Based)

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Business Requirement

The requirement is to design & develop custom software (Web Based) so that it can easily accommodate current as well as future needs, for one of top leaders in auto dealership i.e. Rick’s Car Mart. The software will allow rick’s admin, staff to manage client and vehicle extensive database and partners to view their relevant information.

The software will facilitate an integrated system offering vehicle repossession services and web forms, with extensive listing of clients and vendors.

The system will also support the administration of vehicle financing, automated billing and customer/monthly reports.

The aim is to utilize latest technology, create a scalable system that shall offer rick’s to get rid of paper work. It would be intuitive so user can navigate through easily.



We are using award space as our Domain and Hosting provider for the web based administrative portal for the main website. we have purchased the Max Pack plus Hosting Plan from for the  administration website. We also have our independent server which is located at Ricks Car Mart Ltd. (See Specification for Server) This is the website that clients externally would be given.

Recommended Hosting Configuration

Based on our requirements we will be hosting the web application for (the new web application) on Rick Car Mart’s In-House server with the following configuration:

Server: Rick’s    Car Mart In-House Server


Windows Server* 2008R2  Datacenter SP1 running on Dell Power Edge II


TBD based on ISP subscribed speed from client’s provide


TBD based on ISP subscribed speed from client’s provide


Core 2 Intel Pentium G600


16 GB RAM – expandable up to 32 G

Hard disk

1,000 GB SATA2 – can store up to 12 Terabytes


My SQL (Free)

Operating system

Windows 2008 R2 Data Center SP 1

Control panel

Not Applicable. We will use Windows Remote Desktop to access your server for configuration and Deployment. We can also use other remote access tools that you authorize to log into your server.

IP addresses

IP Addresses need to be leased from your local Internet provider such as AT&T or Comcast


This is covered in the box below

To ensure smooth operation and business continuity with the new system, the following production support and business continuity plans are recommended.

The above in-house server will be configured to host both your websites and all your processed business documents.

Technology Stack

User Interface  / Graphic Design: HTML 5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery

Programming  Language: PHP (I preferred,  C# is best for business applications. And also it’s an open source  technology)

Framework: YII ( MVC is the best now  present days.)

Database: MySql (MSQL Server express  it’s also free and best fit for large data)

System will be multi- platform, compatible to windows as well as Linux environment (with the framework we would be using).
System will be RESPONSIVE (i.e. can be viewed and accessed on mobile devices, note – NO mobile apps included in this       scope).
We will be using MySQLWorkbench (MWB) to design and edit the system schema and sync between local server and web server.
Once system is developed, we will set up deployment, and clone the repository locally.
Then client will be able to run the application locally, test and confirm changes
We will then push the working application the web       server environment (production).
  • Web applications can be viewed from any            platform it’s not a problem at all.
  • Its not be all responsive. Because of large            data/form can’t maintain as well responsive it run smoothly at web            browser and much easy for data entry and view report. 

Update #1 from 19 December 2015
Please read full document and send me your proposal.

Update #2 from 19 December 2015
Please carefully reviewed the file attached. Examine our requirements. Please try your best to convey if you are qualified to do this job.

Please be tenacious as we are hoping that it is done to our specification.

Prepare a step by step outline of your understanding; and forward us any software that may be similar.

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    Наша веб-студия НЕ предоставляет заказчикам выбора из уже готовых шаблонов.
    Для каждого клиента создаётся индивидуальный дизайн.
    Ярослав, привет. Видел твое сообщение на оценку ТЗ. Посмотрим, по результату, дадим ответ.

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