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Developer to develope some scripts for Twith chats

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we working on a startup idea atm its an iphone app for gamers. i want to make some script that will message on YouTube gaming chat pages and Twitch chat pages. Obviously intially some basic messages would be good, but long term making it more like human would be better.

Some of the issues here are moderators, making it look geniune, and how to get numerous accounts running at same time so we are posting and commenting on as many chat pages as possible. I can arrange for YouTube and Twitch accounts to be made, but its how the script would handle all this.

Twith chats. I want a script to logs in under my twitch handle and then posts messages in the chat room like bot messages. So for instance pulls some soccer news off google and posts it like "you guys heard about Wayne Rooney leaving united?"

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    Ivan C.
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    Hi, Irina,
    as far as I grasp summary, U need some kind of software layer to grab content from somewhere and posting it through API like "human-typed" messages to YouTube and Twitch chat pages using numerous accounts. But not sure about correct understanding how it handles with "iphone app" and how mobile app should be involved here in principle.

    Anyway, I'm ready to discuss project details and find best solutions to provide required functionality. My rate is $10/hr, so if it suitable for you please feel free to contact for discussing details.

    Regards, Ivan.

    Ukraine Lvov | 17 January 2016 |

Irina Pivovar
Ukraine Kyiv  1   0
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17 January 2016