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Select a product or service that you would like to take to International Markets. Give a brief overview of your product and company.

Identify 2 target markets for your products and explain why they are good targets. Refer to chapter 7 for the types of segmentation to consider and who your target market should be.

Choose 2 potential International countries for your product or service.

Conduct an Internet Research; compile general and specific statistics that will include both demographic and psychographic results. List your sources.

Prepare a comparative summary of the markets you have chosen. Your comparison will show a match to your target market while comparing to each other.

Your Report should be not more than 3 pages. The actual research should be presented in an appendix in either full form or links and be however many pages you require. Your report must be in APA format.

Please use this originality report and be sure you aren't plagiarizing.

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