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English Writer and Copywriter

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Looking for the writer!

  Our company has several public pages on Facebook, I currently work on one of them. We post content that is mostly oriented on female audience - psychology articles, celebrity gossip, humor, some news and current events coverages.

Our articles are mostly small (200-300 words), rarely large (over 700 words).

What will we need you to do if we work together: we send you an article (as a link) and write some comments if needed, you copywrite the text (just to be clear - we need the text to hold the same message as in the source, but using different words so that we do not have simply "copy-pasted" article someone else has written, we need a re-written text), it is usually required to find new photos or pictures to illustrate it.

  For your convenience you will be working in a special computer program (you will be given the instructions how to use it), it is very simple in use and if you need help we will contact you and explain everything.

  About our wages:

1.7$ per a Small (S) article (150-250 words),

3$ per Medium (M) article (300-600 words, our average)

 4.50$ per Large (L) article (650+ words).

  We use PayPal or WebMoney and pay for work twice a month, on Monday.

We mostly use Skype for our communication (e-mail if necessary).

  If you send us your article and everything is OK, I take it into work and you continue with another link (sometimes we might have to give it back to you to finish on some details, but I hope these cases will be extremely rare).

  The articles must be done within 1 working day since the moment of receiving - the deadline is 24 hours, but the sooner the writer submits the article the better (different rules on the weekends apply).

  If the writer fails to submit the article before the deadline, it is paid on a lower price. No exceptions.

  If the author does not submit the already late article within several hours after the delay (discussed personally) it will not be paid at all and will be given into work for other writer.

  If you have any troubles with the articles please contact me and discuss the situation.

  If the writer ignores the personal task given with the article (shorten text or write more, take specific pictures, add pictures) the article will be returned to be finished. If the article comes back the second time and still not in a proper way, it will be paid in a lower price.

  The writers must always double-check the grammar and the quality of the photos in the article - all photos must be at least 700x700 pixels and higher resolution, there must be no brandings (of other websites, of photo-stocks, photo agencies), no watermarks and no blurred pictures whatsoever.

  Photos of celebrities must be latest paparazzi/personal photos if the article does not suggest otherwise (if the article is not about a specific period of time, please don’t add old photos).

  The photos can’t contain obvious sexual content, guns, drugs, violence or hatred.

  The job itself is very simple.


  If you are interested, I will give you a test.

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  1. proposal concealed by freelancer
  2. 1 day100 ₴
    Анастасия Сидорченко
     441   8   0   1

    Hi! I'm very interested to work with you. I have the experience of rewriting articles (mostly about celebs, their lives and gossips). I had familiar requirements as yours so I know how to work with such projects. Also, I constantly write and translate texts.
    The only problem that I live in Kyiv, not in Odessa as you need.

    Ukraine Kyiv | 29 March 2018 |
  3. 2 days100 ₴
    Алина Саидова

    Здраствуйте . Заинтересована в занятости с вашим проэктом.
    Проживаю в Одессе.

    Ukraine Odessa | 29 March 2018 |
  4. 30 days100 ₴
    Sara Araujo
     514   20   0   1

    Hello! I am a native English speaker and I am interested in working with you. I noticed some grammar errors in your text and I can offer you editing services in addition to writing and rewriting articles. I would like to know how long the test is.
    I do not live in Ukraine, but I hope this won't be a problem since this is an online job.
    Looking forward to working with you.


    Canada Richmond | 30 March 2018 |
  5. 1 day100 ₴
    Аліна Пасічна
     316   2   0

    Hi! I am very interested to participate in your project. I'm ready to do the test.
    I do not live in Odessa, but I don't think that it's a big problem.
    I look forward to your reply!

    Ukraine Kyiv | 30 March 2018 |
  6. 1 day100 ₴
    Богдан Мироненко

    Hello, I’m extremely interested to collaborate with you. I’ve had an experience of writing articles on various topics, my English level is Upper Intermediate. I also had similar requirements as you have here, and my texts were considered as quite a good ones)
    The only problem is that I don’t exactly live in Odessa, but in Kyiv)
    I’ll be very glade to hear news and/or proposals from you)

    Ukraine Kyiv | 1 April 2018 |
  7. 1 day100 ₴
    Оксана Карпицкая

    Hello! I'm a journalist.
    Several years ago I graduated from the university and my specialty is international information, journalism. I've worked in magazine (secular edition) and I have a great experience in writing such articles. And also I have several years of experience in copywriting My English level - upper intermediate. I would really really like to work with you!!!
    I'm looking forward for your answer and test!

    Ukraine Ukraine | 3 April 2018 |
  8. 1 day100 ₴
    Artem Kozyr
     244   2   0

    Доброго времени суток, готов работать. Есть хорошие знания английского и стремление работать. Пишите в личку.

    Ukraine Kharkiv | 6 April 2018 |