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15 000 ₴

Flux Robotics

  1. proposal concealed by freelancer
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    10 days15 000 ₴

    Good afternoon.
    I will develop a dogotype and corporate identity.
    I will create a modern and interesting logo.

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    18 days15 000 ₴

    Good day, Gleb.
    My name is Alexander.
    My experience in design is over 13 years.

    I have been working at Freelance for more than 3 years, in my free time from main work. I'll gladly take part in your startup project and create branding that you will love!

    You can explore my portfolio in profile or by following the links: Behance Freelancehunt

    Please contact me for more answers if you have questions, of course.

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    30 days15 000 ₴

    I offer cooperation.
    Take a look at my work.

    + Experience and a large portfolio with works of different styles
    + Numerous reviews from satisfied customers
    + Free bonus to order:
    1. A beautiful avatar with a logo for social networks;
    2. Favicon for the site,
    3. Realistic demonstration of the logo in isometric view on several media.

  6. proposal concealed by freelancer
  7. proposal concealed by freelancer
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    7 days15 000 ₴

    Hi, Gleb.
    ready to discuss the project.

    - experience
    - quality
    - efficiency

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    3 days41 000 ₽

    Здравствуйте, заинтересован вашим проектом.
    Готов к работе и сотрудничеству
    сроки 3 дня
    стоимость устраивает
    + бонус видео заставка (анимация логотипа)
    7 вариантов лого с доработкой
    выбранного вами логотипа (если потребуется) (без доплат)

  10. proposal concealed by freelancer
  11. proposal concealed by freelancer
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    7 days15 000 ₴

    Hello, Gleb. I am ready to help you implement your project I will create a cool premium corporate identity that will attract both the current target audience and the potential one. Having six years of experience and more than 200 completed projects in various fields, including those related to sports, I can guarantee on my own a professional approach and uniqueness of design solutions.
    I will develop a corporate identity in 2 stages: 1) development of a logo 2) development of a corporate identity. I will suggest several design concepts.
    You can see my work on logos in the profile: Freelancehunt
    By corporate identity, some of the works on the link: Google Drive

    Write to us, we will discuss the project in more detail and create a corporate identity that you will be proud of !!!

  13. proposal concealed by freelancer
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    4 days15 000 ₴

    Good afternoon. Gleb Looking for a recognizable and stylish logo? I can offer you 3-5 options, among which there will certainly be one that is ideal for you!
    With a bright logo, your company will be remembered and stand out from the competition.
    More than a hundred logos realized! 100-150 dollars minimum will be a logo

  15. 396  
    10 days15 000 ₴

    My name is Anastasia. I am a graphic designer with 7 years of experience. My speciality is making meaningful logos. And work on a logo is not about just a logo, but about a whole design system. Your brand will receive its own unique style, which allows communicating with clients through visual senses. At the end of our work together your brand will be ready to face the clients.

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    14 days15 000 ₴

    Разрабатываю логотипы в большом диапазоне стилей. Так же, разрабатываю фирменные стили.

    Моё портфолио вы можете посмотреть у меня на странице.

    Если у вас нет ТЗ, то я скину вам на заполнение свой бриф.

    Предоставлю 3 варианта на выбор с доработкой понравившегося.

    Работаю по предоплате 50%, либо по безопасной сделке на сайте.

    Работу выполняю быстро и качественно, всегда укладываюсь в сроки.
    Буду рада сотрудничеству!