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500 ₴

Front End developer

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    2 days500 ₴

    Hello my name is Koryum
    I’m from Armenia
    I read your order and can start now but we must discuss anything

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    1 day500 ₴

    There is experience in the direction of:
    - Landing (
    - A very large corporate website (
    - Online Store (
    - Social network (internal):
    And also: landing page (, corporate website (, business website ( and many other works (including through Freelancehunt )
    Ready to get started right now. I am an experienced programmer with more than 5 years of experience.
    Advantages of working with me:
    I always hand over the work on time, responsible, always in touch.

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    1 day500 ₴

    Hello, I'm interested in your task.
    I am ready to complete your order quickly and efficiently, have experience in HTML, CSS (Sass, LESS), JS, jQuery, Wordpress, Git, Bootstrap, PHP + AJAX.
    I make layouts of any complexity in time, adaptively, cross-browser, SEO-friendly.
    Аll the time in touch in PM or telegram, whatsapp 89180869337, write.

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    1 day500 ₴

    Hello.Im front end developer with 2 years of expirience.Work with Vue.js,React.js.Also work with Node.js and databases if needed.Excellent knowledge of HTML/CSS and ES6.
    Crossbrowser and responsive layout.UI/UX knowledge.
    Want to talk about your project.

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    1 day500 ₴

    Hello! I specialize in cross-browser layout with adaptation for any device. I will do everything beautifully, quickly and efficiently. I have extensive experience in working with similar projects. Always in touch.

    My website:
    My telegram: @danilliptuga.
    My latest works:

    You can see all my works in my profile or on the site above. I will be glad to cooperate!

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    2 days500 ₴

    Hello my name is Artem
    I’m from Belarus
    I read your order and can start now but we must discuss anything

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    9 days500 ₴

    Hello! I am interested in your offer!
    My name is Silishchev Danila, I am a website developer.

       Personal qualities: honesty, responsiveness, optimism. I work with strict compliance with the requirements, without violating the terms of work.
       I appreciate the work: cooperation, honesty, respect.

    Key skills:
    1) Work with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript;
    2) Layout & Frotend - development;
    3) Adaptation of sites for various types of screen resolutions (mobile phones, tablets, laptops);
    4) Bootstrap.

    1) Landing Page, business card site, online store;
    2) Layout & Frotend - programming;
    3) Integration with CMS OpenCart and WordPress;
    4) Creation of adaptive sites;
    5) Designing sites on Tilda.

    Additional Information:
    Foreign languages: English - B2;
                                             Spanish - A2.

    Can I discuss the details of the project?
    You can contact me:
    Whats App: +7 (777) 893-93-56
    Email: [email protected]
    Telegram: @Silichshev_Danila
    My works:

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    1 day500 ₴

    Software enginier and tutor.
    By self improvement I have achieved deep knowledge of JavaScript and master it confusing parts. That allows me to adapt in every environment.
    Being a tutor of JavaScript gave me experience in project managing, psychology, team working, and educating.
    Also I have experience in programing by working on my own projects and other companies.

    LinkedIn -
    Github -

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    1 day500 ₴


    Yes, I can start immesiatly. Expirience in front 7+ years.
    We can discuss the details?


  • Пулатов Камрон
    20 August 2019 |
    Can you tell me what exactly needs to be done?
  • Пулатов Камрон
    20 August 2019 |

    Can you tell me what exectly needs to be done

  • Екатерина Кк
    20 August 2019 |

    ну видно же что текст писал обычный школьник у которого родной укр или рус
    к чем этот цирк ?? 

  • Vardges Hamazaspyan
    22 August 2019 |

    Hi.I have a strong knowledge of HTML,CSS,SCSS,Bootstrap4,GIT,Bitbucket,Trello,JavaScript,ES6,React,Redux.Now I am focusing in React.Dealing with React is very pleasant for me.I have than more than 10 projects.We can collaborate for a long time.My cliens are allways satisfied from my job.I am very responsible person and never break deadlines. We can coolaborate till now