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Help me to improve my articles

  1.  1 day 2 000 ₴
    645    13  1   2

    Добрый день! Интересно узнать подробнее. Напишите в личные сообщения пожалуйста.

  2. proposal concealed by freelancer
  3.  1 day 2 000 ₽

    Good day, Arthur.
    I'd be happy to help you with your articles.
    You know, I also tried to write stories and sometimes I had the same problems, as you.
    I'm really interested in your task and I want to see the examples as fast, as possible.
    I hope I'll be able to help you and make your stories much better!

  4.  1 day 200 ₴

    Hello! I would be happy to help you. Could you send me the example so i can understand the type of work you need?

  5.  1 day 200 ₴
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    I’m really interested in helping you with this project.
    I have a great experience in editing texts and it’s my great passion.

    Can you possibly send me the examples to understand what exactly do you need?
    Hope, I’ll make your stories better and easier to read, correct all the mistakes and reduce sentence complexity.
    Yours faithfully, Mary.

  6.  1 day 200 ₴
    342    2  0

    I can help you)
    I would like to learn more, write me details, please.

  7.  4 days 500 ₴

    Dear Sir, your project looks quite interesting to me. I would be glad to prove myself as a worthy professional and work together, if you sent me some examples of the text, please. The price and duration of my work is negotiable and depends on the complexity of the task. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  8.  2 days 1 000 ₴
    169    2  0

    Nice to meet you. I would like to collaborate with you and adore articles of any types. Have wide experience with copywriting and translating. The price is 50 hr for 1000 signs. I will professionally carry out the project.

  9.  1 day 200 ₴
    1753    74  2

    Hello Arthur, I'm an English translator and copywriter with more than 20 years of experience. My specialization is American English. I will help you improve your articles! Don't hesitate to contact me, I will be glad to work for you!

  10.  1 day 200 ₴

    День добрый! Я с радостью помогу вам с пруфридингом! Отправьте мне в ЛС ссылку на материал, я посмотрю и начнем работу!

  11. proposal concealed by freelancer
  12. proposal concealed by freelancer
  13.  1 day 2 000 ₴
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    Hello Arthur,
    I'm an American from Las Vegas. I've been here for a while and I understand your situation. What I do is copywrite and voice work.

    Many times I find people like you who need help with whatever they write and have translated and normally only an American writer can see the correct ways to make an article look good.

    Send me some of your articles, and I will take a look and evaluate how much and time.

    Best to you!,

  14. proposal concealed by freelancer
  15.  1 day 500 ₴

    Здравствуйте, Артур,
    Было бы интересно увидеть несколько примеров Ваших статей.
    После этого будет понятно, какие конкретно задачи нужно решать, и что смогу предложить. Тогда будет понятно, что и как оценивать: кол-во слов? час работы над текстом? час консультации?
    Поэтому ставка и срок пока даны просто формально (без них нельзя сделать публикацию).
    Буду рада обсудить цели и задачи после того, как увижу примеры статей:)

    В моём профиле есть инфо обо мне (заходите "в гости").

    С уважением,

  16.  1 day 200 ₴
    288    10  0

    Hello, Arthur! I will be happy to help you. As a professional proofreader I would to look through some example of your articles to estimate them. Looking forward for collaboration

  17.  1 day 200 ₴
    729    23  0   1

    Hello Arthur,

    I with my friend - native speaker - will do for you the best proof-reading ever)

    Please send me private message to discuss our further cooperation.

    Thank you in advance,

  18.  1 day 600 ₴
    571    12  0

    I worked 3 years in Scotland, (Lenovo)
    I'm really interested in your task


  19.  1 day 500 ₽

    it is never simple to follow one's train of thought and I guess I could help you with this. Great to see such a passion, it would be great to be your fellow companion on creating masterpieces. Hit me back and we'll discuss the details.

  20.  1 day 500 ₽

    Hello, I'll be happy to help you to improve the articles. my level of English is C1. I am interested in your task and have experience in rewriting and proofreading

  21.  1 day 200 ₴
    688    25  0

    Hello, Arthur, i’m ready to help you and i’’m open for your suggestions. I want to start working asap after the brief conversation about your project.

  22.  1 day 200 ₴

    Hello, Arthur.
    I have read your examples, and i like your thoughts, and what you share with this world, and now i want to cooperate, how can we get in touch?

  23.  2 days 200 ₴

    I'm ready to help you with proofreading. I am dealing with different texts on technical topics regularly.
    Write me if you are interested. 50/page

  24.  2 days 3 200 ₽
    240    2  0


    I am a native Russian speaker and translator with fluent US English (resided 23 years in US).
    I have an Associate Degree from US College.

    Here's a link to some of my translations:
    My standard rate of translation/proofreading/editing is 1800 char/256 words/1 page - $5.00/320 RUB

    The price mentioned $50.00 (3200 RUB) is for 10 pages of text.

    I'll be glad to help you with your project.

    Best regards,

  25.  1 day 1 000 ₽

    Hello guy!
    I am very attentive person.
    My English level is intermediate.
    It's not much but I am reading books in English quite often.
    If you interested to me let me know.

  26.  2 days 500 ₴
    140    1  0

    Hello. I am interested in your project. In my opinion I can help you, so please contact me in direct.