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Interior Designer/Decarator for the office in Kiev

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Our IT company is going to move to a new office, located in Kyiv, Delovaya str. The office space is 500 m2 and it includes 1 private office for CEO, 1 private office for the Director, 1 private office for HR team (2 people), 1 meeting room. The rest of the team - marketing department (2 people), developers (12-15 people), 2 assistants - can work in open space or separate rooms. Our team is constantly recruiting and growing, that's why we want a designer to take this into account and plan the space the way we could easily scale quickly in the future.

We expect an interior designer to fulfill the following tasks:

- plan all the working stations taking into consideration each employee's tasks
- work together with our DevOps regarding technical requirements for working space (cabling, network, etc)
- plan the budget and provide the CEO of the company different options
- use the best judgment to make decisions, for example, whether we need to buy new furniture, used one or rent
- decorate the office in modern style

We want to work with a person who has a profound experience with commercial property, is reasonable and practical. Also we are looking for a person available ASAP and who can complete the task within 2 weeks.

We want a designer to assist us and support us in Kiev constantly from the first to the last stage of the process, so if you are not located in this area, please don't apply.

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  1. 7 days3500 ₴
    Павел Филонов
     257   3  3   1

    Здравствуйте, уважаемый заказчик!С удовольствием выполню ваш заказ!Пишите и будем творить!Посмотреть работы Цена — это денежное выражение стоимости услуги(товара) , служащая для измерения величины затраченного на производство работ или услуг необходимого рабочего времени и меры уважения Исполнителя к себе и Заказчику . С уважением,Павел.
    Hello, dear customer! I’m happy to fulfill your order! Write and create or services of the necessary working time and measures of the Contractor’s respect for himself and the Customer. Sincerely, Paul.

    Ukraine Belitskoe | 17 April at 15:40 |
  2. proposal concealed by freelancer
  3. proposal concealed by freelancer
  4. 21 days300 ₴
    Serge Ra
     636   9  0   1

    Hi, I will make an office interior project. I have real experience in designing. Not drawing pictures. I will organize office space maximally functional. And definitely stylish.
    Cost of the project after discussion.
    Some of my work

    Ukraine Kyiv | 17 April at 15:57 |
  5. proposal concealed by freelancer
  6. 30 days1000 ₴
    Alex Patanin

    Могу выполнить интерьер офиса. Большой опыт. 15у.е. кв.м. Пишите на почту [email protected] или в личку. Авторский надзор 500у.е./мес.

    Ukraine Odessa | 17 April at 16:28 |
  7. proposal concealed by freelancer
  8. 14 days5000 ₴
    Марина Федорак

    Добрый день!
    Находимся в Киеве, мобильно работаем по всей Украине и не только. Также при необходимости ведем асторский надзор объекта проектирования. Авт. надзор оплачивается отдельно по договоренности. Есть опыт решения и оформления офисов (в частности офис фирмы Конкордия, офис GFK Ukraine, офис директора МВЦ).
    Составим смету на проектные работы, в смете оценивается отдельно каждый вид работ, оплата в зависимости от выполненных видов и объемов работ.

    Фото готовых объектов -
    +38095-5962262 (tel+viber) - HF студия
    [email protected]
    С уважением Марина, Сергей

    Ukraine Kyiv | 17 April at 17:20 |
  9. 30 days160000 ₴
    Константин Кирилюк
     543   2  0

    Портфолио - цена зависит от состава проекта, стиля и сроков...
    От 12$.м2 проект, договор и аванс

    Ukraine Kyiv | 17 April at 17:45 |
  10. 21 days400 ₴
    Leonid Horodetskyi

    Hi, I'm ready to work on your project. I have experience with commercial property, and profound experience in furniture design.
    my portfolio:
    estimated price is $15m2, which can be agreed after the meeting.

    Ukraine Kyiv | 17 April at 18:49 |
  11. 60 days125000 ₴
    Валентин Багирли
     434  verified   1  0

    Доброго дня, Элина. Предлагаю Вам свои услуги в области дизайна. Полностью разрабатываю дизайн проект. В конечном итоге Вы получите полную рабочую документацию для строительно-ремонтных работ. Также могу взять на себя сопровождение строительного процесса.

    тел: +380-99-529-50-70 (Viber, WhatsApp)
    [email protected]

    Ukraine Kyiv | 17 April at 19:46 |
  12. 60 days100 ₴
    Женя Пикуль
     288   1  0

    Hi! My name is Zhenia, I studied architecture and design in Kyiv National Universitu of Constraction and Architecture in Kyiv and now I am a designer of interiors. I really want to make project of your office,I had already done interiors of flat. restaurants, offices, car service station, kindergarten. Here you can see some of my projects
    We can meet to disscus your project , and to make room measurement. Also I can sent on your email adrees the exaple of the full project. Thanks

    Ukraine Kyiv | 17 April at 20:56 |
  13. 14 days270 ₴
    Ольга Демченко

    Dear Elina,
    Please accept my proposal for the job of creation Interior Design for the IT Company.

    We're the interior design studio with experience in development of projects for both companies and individuals.

    You can be sure that we'll meet all your needs re design as our goal is to create functional interiors with stylish and unique design. Please take a look at our portfolio on our Instagram profile to see few of our latest projects:
    also you can see more while visiting the web-site of our design studio:

    The design project consists of 3 parts:
    1. - concept (color scheme, lighting, materials, furniture)
    - furniture plan
    2. 3D visualization
    3. technical drawings (including all necessary plans with information for project implementation)
    We charge starting from $10 per sq.m. and guarantee the quality and meeting the deadlines.

    I look forward to answering any additional questions you may have.
    Let me know when you would like to discuss our next steps.

    Thank you,
    Olga D.

    Ukraine Kyiv | 18 April at 00:27 |
  14. 30 days500 ₴
    Семён Ткачук
     540   4  0

    Hello! Мy name is Sem. I represent the studio of interior design Brick-Brot studio.
    We are ready to make a project for you, we have a great team and make quality drawings.
    Также большой опыт офисных пространств, знание рынка и тд.

    Mail: [email protected]
    WhatsApp +380961303515
    We are waiting for your call. Respectfully Sem

    examples of officesфы

    Почта [email protected]

    Ukraine Kyiv | 18 April at 00:44 |
  15. 14 days350 ₴
    Ирина Фокс

    Мы - команда талантливых профессионалов, после сотрудничества с которой наши заказчики благодарят нас еще не один год)
    Имеем приличный опыт работы с коммерческой недвижимостью!
    Находимся в Киеве, а значит проблем с "живой "коммуникацией не будет.
    Ведем технический контроль на объекте с первого дня сделки и до последней стадии его завершения: будь то дизайн-проект с полным пакетом чертежей, реализация его или просто снабжение необходимым материалом!
    Работаем на совесть: в наших интересах оставить заказчика довольным.
    Наши работы покажем не только на фото, но и вживую, проведем экскурсию по шоу-румам!

    Мы специализируемся:
    - дизайн интерьера,
    - комплексный ремонт,
    - напольные покрытия.

    Наши работы и товары:
    Наш сайт:
    Наши контакты для связи:

    Ukraine Kyiv | 18 April at 07:52 |
  16. 30 days1111 ₴
    Татьяна Андриевская
     877  verified   9  0   1

    Dear Mrs Elina
    I propose to work on the project in several stages / iterations
    1. Departure to the facility to measure and agree on the details of the project (1 meeting / 1 day)
    2. design of several options for the organization of space with the arrangement of furniture (1-2days)
    3. coordination and refinement of the selected planning decision (1-2 meetings and 1-2 days).
    4. design of color collages, matching style and color solutions (2-3 meetings and 4-5 days)
    In addition to all of the above, there is still a need for designing a ventilation and air conditioning system, coordinating the placement of all ventilation grilles to complete the ceiling plan and to place the lighting.
    Also here the fire extinguishing system with placement of fire nozzles is not considered.
    There should be more shopping trips for the selection of materials
    (2-3 departures).
    From this it follows that it is physically impossible to complete such a project in 2 weeks, take into account all the wishes of the team and link them with technical solutions and design. There are related organizations, other projects and the time associated with their implementation, which I can not guarantee.
    A good time for such a project is a month minimum.


    Best regards, Tetiana

    Ukraine Kyiv | 18 April at 16:21 |
  17. 40 days270 ₴
    Егор Колосов
     333   1  0

    некоторые работы
    концепция офиса компании Pixus
    скайп eggor_kolosov
    почта [email protected]
    телефон/вайбер/вотсап/телеграм +380939925495

    Ukraine Ukraine | 19 April at 13:38 |
  18. 14 days135000 ₴
    Виталий Овчаренко
     487  verified 

    Добрый день!
    Стаж более 6 лет. Буду рад выполнить дизайн офиса. Стоимость 270 грн. м2.
    В состав проекта входит 3D визуализация всех помещений, полный пакет чертежей для строителей.

    Мой сайт
    Почта [email protected]
    С уважением, Овчаренко Виталий

    Ukraine Kyiv | 22 April at 10:42 |