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Курсовая на англ языке по Corporate Finances

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Курсовая работа по теме по Corporate Finances.

Гонорар обсуждается.

Good English, upper-intermediate and higher!

Стиль референсов: Harvard referencing system. 


  • Chen, H. T. and Chen, K. S. (2016) A paired-test method to verify service speed improvement in the Six Sigma approach: a restaurant's case study. Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, 27(11-12), p. 1277-1297.

Часть 1. Выбрать компанию (желательно listed company, так легче найти ее данные), написать отчет (отдельные части можно обсуждать, если нужна еще помощь):

- Executive Summary;

- Corporate Governance (300-500 words): introduction, what the firms does;

- Typical Financial performance: round 1000 words, calculate ratios (5 groups of ratios: liquidity, long-term solvency, turnover, profitability, market value - I will provide more details in private messages), discuss trends and outlook (what is expected in the coming years);

- Risk analysis: around 1000 words, which the company is exposed to and what the company does to mitigate them);

- Capital structure: round 1000 words, analyze debt & equity, and say what is better to increase/decrease - a share of debt or a share of equity, calculate WACC, draw a graphic of the optimal point; 

- Dividend Policy: round 300 words, does company pay dividends, low or high, criticize how effective it is (for example: if the company borrows too much debt and pays big dividends), estimate the dividend;

- Prospects and fair valuation of the firm using a valuation model (is it over-evaluated?);

- Conclusion - to invest or not in the company.

Часть 2. Легче. Решить задачу в excel (см. приложение)


Объем - 6000-7000 слов на первую часть.

Срок - 10-12 дней

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