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Looking for a figma Designer with good design skills

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    1 day1 500 ₴

    Hello, Valikberry!

    I am Ui/Ux designer with expirience in creating design for landing pages, websites, adaptive design. I work in Figma, would be great to cooperate!

    My portfolio

    Thanks and best regards,

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    123 days12 345 ₴

    I will be glad to cooperate, Contact us!
    💼 Great experience as a designer!
    ✍ Write to PM - we will discuss the details ✅
    Examples of my work:
    Behance -

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    1 day1 500 ₴

    Hello, Valikberry!

    I have 3 years experience. Thanks to my aspiration and desire to constantly self-develop, the work is fast and I enjoy. I'm try to solve the set tasks with an emphasis on convenience, quality and beauty.

    I work at Figma usually.
    Can you tell me more about your project, please?

    My portfolio:

    Arthur K.

    Простота — высшая ступень искусства ©

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    Work samples:

    2 days1 490 ₴

    Я Основатель креативного агентства 2SA.
    Над вашим проектом будут работать Веб-дизайнер/Графический дизайнер.
    - Поможем с ТЗ
    - Предоставим 2-3 варианта дизайна на выбор.
    - Все коррективы внесем бесплатно и по вашему желанию.
    - Выполним все в поставленные сроки.
    Готовы взяться за ваш проект. Свяжитесь со мной договоримся о условиях.

    Делаю дешевле и быстрее чем любой дизайнер...

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    3 days1 500 ₴

    Hello, Valikberry!
    What exactly do you need to accomplish? I often work in figma where I create design, so I think I can help you.
    Can you give more details please?

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    1 day4 000 ₴


    Looking forward to work with someone from abroad!
    Figma is my #1 tool in design right know. I have good knowledge of built-in tools in there.

    What exactly are you working on right now?

    You can see some of my work in here:

    Dm me if interested!

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    14 days1 500 ₴

    Hi, my name is Alexey

    Over the entire period of professional work in the field of freelancing, I have acquired the following design skills:

    ✅ Development of a detailed prototype / website design based on marketing research
    ✅ UI design prototype
    ✅ Development of UI kit for developers
    ✅ Development of a turnkey website, starting from the prototyping stage and ending with the stage of planting the layout on the CMS system (this is possible due to the fact that I work with a team of experienced developers and there is an opportunity to make working websites on a turnkey basis)
    ✅ Logo design

    I have 3 years of experience behind me, and this time I have developed clear principles:

    - I never lose touch
    - I always bring the project to the end or return the money
    - I work no lower than in the portfolio

    While working on your problem, I completely immerse myself in it. Therefore, I make a thoughtful and reasoned design that meets the requirements.

    I know all the technical details of both site layout and printing requirements. So you don't have to worry about the technical details - I'll take care of them completely.

    Let's make a cool design together!

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    1 day1 500 ₴

    Hello, Valikberry!
    I work with figma and I am very patient)
    Ready to cooperate with you.
    My portfolio

  8. proposal concealed by freelancer
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    4 days1 500 ₴

    Hello! I'm a web designer with a lot of experience and I work mainly in figma. Figma is a continuation of my fingers 😉 I'm ready to discuss with you what you need to do and help with that. I'm ready to start today) Write to me. And have a good day!

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    10 days11 111 ₴

    i have big expirience in figma.
    And want help you for free.
    so i will improve my english skills)
    its my project:

  11. proposal concealed by freelancer
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    1 day1 500 ₴

    Hey, Valik!
    I have a lot of desgin experience in Figma ( i can make prototype and video presentation )
    Also, my English level - B2, so i can speak easily.
    My portfolio:

    I will wait for your answer)

  13. proposal concealed by freelancer
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    1 day1 500 ₴

    Good afternoon!
    I got acquainted with your requirement! We have a full-stack developer in our team with more than 4 years of experience in PHP Laravel, JS, Vue.js framework, Node.js, Bootstrap, Git, Rest API, and of course HTML, CSS. We will gladly help you. We have vast experience in this work and we will help you achieve excellent results.

    Waiting for your reply. Have a nice day!

  15. proposal concealed by freelancer
  16. proposal concealed by freelancer
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    1 day1 500 ₴

    Hello! Ready to get started. I have great experience in Figma.

    Upon completion of the work, you will receive:
    - selling structure
    - adaptive
    - I will do it on time
    Before work, I always explore the business sphere for which the site is being created, so ALL DESIGN DECISIONS WILL BE ARGUMENTED.

    My portfolio:
    One of the latest projects:

    One of the latest projects::
    My portfolio:


    I will be glad to work with you, I am waiting for your answer)))

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    1 day2 000 ₴

    Hello, interesting project, let's cooperate )
    Portfolio link -

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    7 days1 500 ₴

    I would like to help you with design. I have a lot of experience in Photoshop so can manipulate images however you want. Also I am patient in my work.
    You can see my portfolio:

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    1 day1 500 ₴

    Hello. I can speak English with you in writing. Perhaps I will use a translator for this. I was interested in your task. I am ready to take on its implementation. I can tell you the price and terms after specifying the details.
    Check out my portfolio: